Top Secret Water : A Brilliant Documentary All Must See !

I came across this fascinating documentary called "Water The Great Mystery" couple of years back which totally opened up my mind to a whole new dimension in understanding the magic of creation ... Water in particular, as it is one of the key elements, part of almost all life forms on Earth and of Earth itself constituting 70% of the surface ... there is so much about Water we discover as we move along !

Here is, yet another fantastic documentary about Water and its ability to retain information evident in many cases studied over the years, most commonly known in the field of Homeopathic medicine which uses extremely diluted portions of the original medicine with almost trace amounts of the medicine itself, however with a memory of the healing mechanism of the medicine, and it works ! This documentary shares some brilliant insight into the cosmic workings of Water ! Enjoy watching and please share with others ... ~ Namaste ~ __/\__ ~ :-)

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