The Simpsons and Time Travel : Is Matt Groening a Time Traveler ?!

How can it be explained otherwise ?! HAHAHAHAHA :D !!!! So, just in case you missed this one, Matt Groening who created 'The Simpsons' and now "Futurama" is believed by some to be a "Time Traveler" who created certain story lines in his episodes that actually happened for real, just the way he showed it. Watch for yourself !

This isn't the first time something strange like this has been observed. There are couple of more Time Travelers who have created a sensation in the media with their anomalous origins and eventual disappearance. Andrew Carlssin was one such name which came up some years ago after he made a whooping $350 million at the stocks in a very short period of time investing a small amount to start with. He said he was from 2256 !

With so many recent shows on Netflix talking about Alternate realities, parallel dimensions and time travel, it seems like mystery and magic are slowly becoming the norm. Utter Strangeness of life sometimes and these unexplained occurrences deepen the mystery about life and who we think we are ... I see all of this as a positive shift towards full and completed awareness of the self ... we are being nudged forward towards realizing our truest potential. It's time for a new world ... and we are the ones creating it, here and now ! Choose wisely ... Trust you Instincts !

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