Awesome August : Crop Circle Season 2013 in Full Swirl !

After a long break, I am happy to be back on Mothership, Psychedelic Adventure, to bring to you the latest updates from the world of mystery and awe ! So, it seems like it has been quite a month for Crop Circles this August, with 13 reported so far ! There might be some formations we haven't shared here in this post ... for no particular reason !

Here they are in chronological order ...

Crop Circle at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire : 1st August 2013

Crop Circle at Stonehenge, near Amesbury, Wiltshire : 1st August 2013

A ringed circle containing a circle divided in to four arced quadrants. An inner square of five circles with quadranted arcs of decreasing size lie within the square with a flattened central circle. c. 110 feet diameter. Wheat.

Crop Circle at Roundway Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire : 1st August 2013

The 3D Cube : 6th August 2013, Monument Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire

A complex formation containing a central square within a circle with a decorated outer pattern. c.390 feet diameter and in Wheat.

Crop Circle at Chute Causeway, near Tidcombe, Wiltshire : 10th August 2013

Crop Circle at Harewell Lane, near Besford, Worcestershire, UK : 10th August 2013

Crop Circle at West Kennett Long Barrow Hill, 13th August 2013

Crop Circle at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire : 13th August 2013

Crop Circle at Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes Wiltshire, 19th August 2013

Crop Circle at Cooks Plantation, 23rd August 2013

Crop Circle at Marden Henge, Wiltshire, UK : 23rd of August 2013

The interpretations can be many ... you decide what each one reminds you of .... or doesn't ?!


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