Recently, a Mexican Television Channel broadcast a video of a massive 1km long and 200 m wide cylindrical UFO entering the Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico.

A multimedia company Televisa captured the footage on a fixed camera used to monitor the activity of the Volcano, 80 km south of Mexico City.

The Popocatepetl Volcano is not new to UFO sightings. Here are some videos and images of UFOs filmed around the Volcano.

The question why these UFOs are seen entering Volcanoes all around the world has been answered by some UFO researchers who know these volcanoes are entrances to underground cities where other advanced civilizations thrive. We are definitely not the only intelligent ones on this planet, leave alone the solar system and beyond ...

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  1. So a streak of light "supposedly" enters a volcano and its attributed to a UFO not simply equipment(camera) failure,Now I'm not trolling or hate speech;however I want real proof and I do not want to waste my time chasing yellow streaks entering a volcano.The question you should ask yourself is why? Such powerful beings who can travel at speeds faster than light spend their time here?for Fun?with such a vast universe why waste their time on earth.

    1. ... there are many such anomalous sightings of UFOs entering Volcanoes ... you can try debunking all that doesn't change the truth ... look up "Hollow Earth" and you'll find these advanced beings are often misinterpreted to be coming from Outer Space ... some are pretty much from here and have been here for longer than we can imagine ! WAKE UP :)

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    It could be faulty equipment or a UFO, or something completely different. All it means it is an anomaly and we don't know what it was. You'll never get your "real proof" when we don't know what happend or are unaware of certain things.


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