Cloaked UFO Enters Mount Teide Volcano Spain

A live camera from the Mount Teide Volcano Observatory captured a cloaked disk shaped unidentified flying object over Mount Teide, Tenerife province, Spain on the 27th of October 2012. Yet another UFO sighting over a Volcano ... does seem like we are being made aware of perhaps once of the best kept secrets, the Earth is Hollow and there are some advanced civilizations living in there.

Volcanoes are like portals to enter these higher dimensional realms within the Hollow Earth. Some of these folks living in there look forward to making open contact with us humans if only we can individually and collectively transcend self limiting fear based paradigms and awaken to the unchanging truth of our own spiritual nature.

Mount Teide has been a UFO hotspot for a while now ... there have been some close encounters with some tall, long blond haired human like ETs as well out here. The tourist guide book to this place also describes UFOs being a common sight in the area. El Médano’s Montaña Roja (Red Mountain), and the Playa de Tejita area beach near it, is one of the locations on the island of Tenerife where the guidebook 'All Tenerife' claims that UFOs have been encountered. The book states: "El Médano, and particularly the Montaña Roja are also renowned sites amongst UFO watchers, as this is said to be an area where flying saucers are often seen and contact with alien life forms made."

A former Tenerife journalist and broadcaster, the late Paco Padrón, who passed on in 2005, was known to be very interested and involved in Ufology. Padrón was the author of Luces de Medianoche (Midnight Lights), a book in which he shares his personal UFO sightings and encounters living on the island of Tenerife.

Kalani and Katiuska Hanohano, two American ex-pats living in Tenerife describe their thrilling UFO encounters in this article here... they made telepathic contact with these ships as they asked them to come closer and hover over their house and some of them did exactly that ! This kind of an interaction has often been reported in UFO encounters ... kind of re-instates the fact that our thoughts and intention go beyond our physical being ... we are more than the body we inhabit !

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willum070 said...

Don't get me wrong, I am as entranced by the idea of subterranean aliens as the next person. However this video clearly shows the phenomenon of lens flare, not a spacecraft.

Le Audric Haimi said...

If dimensional beings of higher ascension than mankind existed why hide themselves if they know we want to establish contact,Fear?I doubt it....they are higher dimension.We are all searching for a kind of truth;Just do not lie to fit your own agendas,it clouds ones mind and spirit.what I see in the video is just a flare in a lens.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... hmmm ... ok, how about the other videos of UFOs around Volcanoes ... Lens Flare ... Swamp Gas ... or Venus ? Could you please share some other such videos of Lens Flares we can compare with and validate what you're saying ... One Love :)

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Le Audric ... Feel free to believe what pleases you :) Some of us know this from our own experiences with these higher energies ! We are all not so different, is what they say :)

Unknown said...

Look at the time it takes for "UFO" to move..see the time stamp for this.. Slowest UFO ever? Plus coincides with the full moon or sun in photo. so lens flare seems most likely..

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