Dancing With The Unknown

It's a couple of hours since the sunset and here we are somewhere in the middle of the 'Flea Market', closer to the beach following a distant rumble of thick basslines and alternating midi sequences. We get there and find an alien vibe with little or no calling, hence choose to chart maybe a different terror-tory in hope to have an experience to remember !

Swoosh and I are accompanied by our friend within, the Shiva Valley Samurai !

We drive down towards "Bamboo Forest" (Dolce Vita) and find ourselves slowly illuminating walking towards the entry. Euphoria catching up alongside ! We find our space ( We needed a lot of space that night, trust me :) )

An hour since we got in... Maybe less... Magic ( That's the best word i could think of, to describe the unknown mystified entity that merges with pure consciousness) takes over the self (ego) and unleashes a chain reaction which would not cease until sunrise. The sky lightens up in a purplish hue and stars dance in synchronous with the dark stomping beat on this mAd nIgHt At dOlCe viTa !!! I see white orbs of oscillating energy (some in the human form standing, some just flying) in the not so distant sky and a couple in close proximity ! Expression of the entity and perception of the human mind at it's best !

Magic, best experienced !

Time to LET GO ....

A video from the party, morning 31st Dec 2006 ... :D !!!

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Anonymous said...

hey psy!
you certainly kept the VIBE going
on even at bamboo forest n' i just know one thing man,FUN RULES!!

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