Missing, "Link"

In a world of madness and miracles ... There comes along a friend who shows hope of togetherness and continues to until the day he turns his back on you and leaves for god knows where, and who knows how long... Don't misunderstand my words for misery and pain and no matter what i say it will do little or nothing to make you change your mind (or mine too for that matter :)). It's this design which i figure out to be, beyond human comprehension. I am one among the mystic beyond time and space and there is no need out there.

I am the ghost that lurks in the shadows of night and i am the light that transcends all life exposing all that was dark. I'm the force that runs the rAnDoM ShIfT in your Winamp playlist bringing forth meaning in muse. I'm the bump on the road when you look away while driving. I exist and i am humanly measured in ergs. I'm also given a name that is, all that IS. ... Energy ! E Pluribus Unum... I exist in all illusionary mulitplicity and existential singularity. I'm nothing and everything within the consciousness endowed to me in the form of life.
I seek the unknown, the unfamiliar and echo words from the deep caves within. Inspired and delusional, my mind never fails to expose the possibilities that behold the future or which shaped my present, somewhere, sometime in the past. Contradictions speed up the process and the search continues ...

tHe uNkNoWn... tHe nO mInD sTaTe ...... nO nEeD ....... nO NoThiNg :) !!!

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