What runs GOA ? What is GOA ?

Is it St. Francis Xavier ? Is it Goa Tourism ?

Is it the Russians and the Israeli revellers ?

Or is it an autonomous unit run by the source ?

It certainly is a state: Ofmind !!!

The season is coming to a close and as the days are getting longer and the troops are drifting back to the heavenly abode up in the mountains, a long wait begins..., for when they return in the last few months of the year, the stomping would've begun with Full Power Himalayan Vibes tearing through the night !

We are all waiting for the Tandav to begin !

A lot of friends travel free in the truest sense of it's meaning, all year round coz' they have surpassed barriers of time and space and exist as nothingness ! (They are always watching !) Together we are a force, unmatched ! Let's alter our perception and accelerate (Full Power) our growth in the right direction :) ... There is someone greater than you and me and trust me we are all getting closer to the source... we may find what we're looking for but we certainly will stomp our way there and make it one helluva journey !

Shiva means Good and it's all good !

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