It's all good... not sure what you're looking at ???

Being a self-indulgent self-proclaimed visionary with a little understanding of the outside world, i see the beauty in the world we're living in and try to appreciate all existence in it's stark, evident duality। Stuff like 'Free will' and 'pre-ordained destiny', 'evolution' and 'intelligent design', 'desire' and 'liberation', are two of the many identified facets of the illusionary 3-D irony we're living. The fact is that possibilities of such occurrences can be refuted till eternity and new theories could be born. All discussion ceasing at the word, "Belief", there begins another argument...

The clever mind delivers the ego all that it wants, however all this spiritual babble doesn't seem to move most of us chasing white collar jobs and the MONEY that runs this machine called Planet Earth. Creating an industry out of anything existential is our true virtue, hence rendering the much needed job for the average Indian who knows, MONEY = You're SET ! Once you've got the taste, it's never really enough, so you do whatever you can, to get more or avoid the lavish outing in fear of running out of the pittance you're labeled with against your contribution to the MACHINE (Almost Perfect) .

This game, like this life of ours will go on till whenever it has to, and then like all that originates in a physical environment, shall end. All existence on a spiritual level goes forth in light of the divine consciousness and merges with the Infinite, the never ending unknown. Now while this game is on, we are unknowingly attracting a lot of pleasure and pain onto the carnal and spiritual self. We attract all that we think of , The Law of the Universe ; The Law of attraction ! Live in abundance and follow your bliss, there is enough for all !

The Secret

The unknown is best left mystified, but the known lack of awareness we are so unaware of, is just plain detrimental to progress and growth. I wish us all the vision of a greater design, the existence of a higher self to propagate the message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect while we grind with the machine !

It's all good... it don't matter what you looking at, it's what you see !


The Specialist said...

very convincin m8..i cant wait to quit my job and get to the bush again :P

Insomaniac94 said...

Its an intriguing writeup ..makes you think twice about what u do in life..

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

:D ! The Golden age will dawn the advent of a unique blend of an ancient Gaian lifestyle and modern day technology ! Something like an ELectromatic New Age Hippie with most clothes on living with no agenda just an enlightening affirmation ! :)

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