Battle of the conscious nisnis

Questions and complexities beyond rational humane comprehension, certain, staring right in your face ironies and some social obligations to live up to. The all playing mind in seek of something that shall last going around in circles. Infinite number of possible things to do, yet unable to figure out WHY ?

Why life ? Why creation ? Why every little thing you can think of ? What is Lifelessness ? Is there a consciousness beyond physical life ? A memory of all that is connected with the I called me on a different plane of existence, an independently operating system with no form no outline no real purpose ? Timeless existence ?

Or maybe i stop asking and let things happen since i have little or no control over my destiny ? Maybe it's all about choices and dreaming !!! What would you do ? Would you rather sugar talk a population or piss people off ? Your intention could've been anything but it's nothing compared to the potential of human interpretation on a big measuring scale ! 1 cause : Infinite possible effects all existing in each pulsating singular consciousness ! That makes our system look like a colony of microscopic mycelia living and dying endlessly for billions of years.

It's got to be better than this ! Guess we got lucky with the onset of life almost accidentally following a cataclysmic cosmic explosion or is it the master minded design of the ultimate architect which we are all trying to figure out, in vain. I don't have an answer just some popular beliefs I'm inclined to agree with, thrust on me by the history of our world laced with secrets and half told truths. I hope you think otherwise coz' affirmation of the truth sets your spirits in blissful paradise you would never return from ! I just hope the affirmation lasts !

We are all unconsciously marching on towards the end ... the end of all ends ...
It has to end, so something new, something better, something stronger can rise ! I can't say how long it's gonna last, but it's upto you to make it one helluva ride !

Take different roads to reach a common place called nothingness !

Coz' in the end, nothing really matters !


Jeff Behnke said...

You have fantastic thoughts. When you said, "Take different roads to reach a place called nothingness" it conjures up so many images for me. Most activists, dogmatists, enthusiasts, etc. don't know that they are creating the imbalance in nature that they are fighting against, that nature is fine without them. If they return to 'nothingness' all that imbalance they see will just disappear!

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Hey Jeff ! Glad you liked what you read ! Nature's Power is mostly under estimated. She could take it all back, someday !

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