The Blue Butterfly Movie : A Miraculous True Story

"The Blue Butterfly" is a film inspired by a true story about ten year old Pete Carlton (Marc Donato) who is diagnosed as terminally ill and his determined mother will stop at nothing to ensure her son’s dream. Funny and intelligent, yet somewhat shy, Pete is stoic and incredibly courageous when it comes to his condition.

He seeks refuge by observing the miniature world of cocoons and insects that he collects. Given only months to live, Pete has one wish; to catch the most beautiful butterfly on earth, the legendary Blue Morpho… the Mariposa Azul, a magnificent creature found only in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. He is convinced that this butterfly with the azure wings can reveal the mystery of life to him.

Teresa Carlton (Pascale Bussieres) is Pete’s single mother. She is brave, worn out, consumed by love and sorrow for her dying son, and determined to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of his dream. She begins by convincing Alan Osborne (William Hurt), a renowned entomologist and Pete’s hero, to take them to the jungle. Alan is a passionate, rugged yet vulnerable man who, due partly to a secret that haunts him, prefers the company of insects over people. He is initially dead-set against this idea. But, thanks to Pete’s determination, and his talent as a manipulator, his hero finally agrees to go along with the idea. However, since the Blue Morpho season is almost over, Alan will only give Pete a couple days to try to capture the magical butterfly. The Blue Butterfly is about the coming of age of a young boy and a mature man who both must learn to emerge from their protective cocoons to live life to the fullest.

The True Inspiration: David Marenger Biography

David Marenger was born on August 16, 1981 in Coteau du Lac in Quebec, Canada. At age six he was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given only a short time to live.

In 1988 the Children’s Wish Foundation granted him his wish which was to catch a “blue morpho”. This was his first trip ever and it was expected by his doctors that it would be his last. He had only a few months. He traveled to Mexico with an accomplished entomologist from Montreal, Mr. George Brossard, to catch the blue butterfly. He was so weakened by his condition that he had to be carried through the jungle by Mr. Brossard for the chase. His dream of catching the blue butterfly came true.

Beyond the adventure of grasping his dream, when he returned to Canada, his battle against cancer was strengthened and a miracle occurred. The cancer went into remission and he has not had to take any medications since the age of 18, he is now 24 years old.

David credits hope, belief and perseverance for his new found strength and health. Assisted by his uncle Richard Filion, he travels to schools and hospitals to share his message. He is living proof that belief and perseverance can lead to miracles.

The movie “The Blue Butterfly” was inspired by his life story. He has had the opportunity to travel again to spread the magic of the blue butterfly. In 2002, during the filming of the movie he traveled to Costa Rica, on location, where he caught another blue butterfly but this time he was capable of standing on his own two feet. In 2004, he traveled to Japan by invitation to share the magic with moviegoers on the other side of the world. And in September 2005 he helped to launch the movie at The Orinda Film Festival where proceeds from the movie benefited The Children’s Hospital Research Center in Oakland California, specializing in pediatric cancer research and treatment.

David’s future holds two more dreams: 1) more visits to hospitals and schools to inspire and support children and 2) the hope for his own aviary for butterflies. David is preparing to open the doors to his own “house” to children to share the miracles of nature and to share his message of strength and hope.

David is a simple man with a simple but powerful message.

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