Watch Out for NBOME : Fake LSD Blotters

Times have certainly changed since the Hippie Heaven of the sixties ... Peace, Love, Unity and Respect have been conveniently replaced by materialistic desires and greed. We have become so power hungry in our race to nowhere that we have forgotten what it is to be human. Our inner divinity cries out to be recognized, however in vain as our limited egos seem to have it all figured out, but only for as long as we allow our egos to stay in control. Some of us who like to self medicate using all kinds of psychedelic substances need to watch out for what we allow to enter our state of consciousness. Every substance no matter what its sold to us as, has a powerful effect on our lives, often underestimated by exuberant psychonauts, willing to accept any and all lethal combinations in unknown quantities and dozes.

LSD is a powerful tool to be used for inner exploration and self discovery. Sadly, a lot of the LSD blotters sold out there today are research chemicals such as NBOME, DOB, etc ... There are so many different kinds of research chemicals out there, being freely sold online and way cheaper than the real deal. This has made it possible for some greedy people to take advantage of the situation and do whats best for business, jeopardizing lives of others who often believe they had a bad trip on ACID, whereas the real culprit is the research chemical which is sold as LSD in most places !

There are some tell tale signs which can help one identify if the blotter has clean LSD or not. Firstly, most of the genuine LSD blotters I have seen have been kind of thick and with no taste at all, or at times a minty taste (in the form of drops), which I was told is a way to keep it undetected or to store it for longer. The bitter ones which have a strong metallic taste to them are the ones which are not acid but some research chemical, most probably one of the NBOME series. Check Erowid for more about this ! The NBOME Blotter is hence termed, "Bitter Spitter" indicating its not LSD and needs to be spat out as soon as you figure what it is. As beautiful, magical and joyous a journey on LSD can be, the contrasting research chemical experience can be unnerving, chaotic, confusing ... with its effects lasting at least 12 hours or more even on small dozes.

LSD isn't something one needs to chase all the time. A powerful LSD experience once in a lifetime can be good enough to propel one on his/her soul path towards a deeper understanding of existence and our purpose being here. Its definitely not something one needs to keep doing too frequently as it can be damaging to the psyche to say the least, possibly leading to other complications. The psychedelic experience, coupled with Yoga, Meditation and other forms of energy work can open powerful pathways towards greener pastures, unexplored.

The psychedelic experience is a shamanic ritual which is best experienced out there in the wilderness, soaked within the healing forest frequencies which unite us all. We may not have our forests as the perfect setting, but we do have this thing called 'intuition' deeply seated within us all, which when awakened allows us to have some sort of a vision ... a sense of knowing ... which helps us make more life affirming choices.

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