The Apocalypse is Here : Quarantined 2020

So, looks like one can say the Apocalypse is here now. Things are going absolute nuts out there with folks who had no clue this was coming one day and even for some of us who had some idea or an inkling that something was on (all our tin foil hat buddies and conspiracy theorists) however, were always distracted by the ebb and flow of life and business has been on as usual, until now. Things have come to a grinding halt in our human world, while everything else in the outside world is flourishing since the human virus (us), are being contained in the most strange and unexpected way. For those of us who have been living solitary for a while this quarantine is nothing new but for some of us who have constantly been occupied with something worldly, with little time for growth and self exploration, the time is now. We have all the time in the world now to go within and learn how to meditate, breathe more consciously and stay connected with the essence of who we really are.

" It is always better to live with reality, because otherwise, without fail, reality will come to live with you. "
                                                                                                                                                     - The Aghori Vimalananda

The masses are driven by fear and in these apocalyptic times, the truth is being revealed. Karmic balances are being settled and all the other species living in the wild are rejoicing and thriving as the human virus is being contained. People with weakened immune systems and the ones living in fear are the first ones to be affected by all this fear mongering and this too is by design, to cull a majority of the populace. There is enough scientific evidence which suggests strong EMF frequencies are a hazard for all life forms on Earth, and humans are no exception to this. Still there are 5G towers coming up all over the world which seem to be strongly connected with the huge number of outbreaks of the Coronavirus or Covid-19.

The media is controlled and censored heavily with trolls and paid disinformation agents doing the rounds regularly. Most world leaders are being controlled by the TPTB and nothing coming out from official sources can be believed and trusted blindly. Pay attention to signs in the world outside and get some sun everyday. There will be major cataclysms happening which will shape the course of our future. There is nothing to fear when we allow our intuition to guide us. We are all in this together, however not everyone will be there with you as this is where paths begin to diverge ... The choice is always between love and fear and the ones who fear, do so because they lack true knowledge of the self and the universe is now putting us in a place where we have the opportunity to explore these uncharted territories and discover the magic of life.

Find your own answers and don't believe anything you read or see, unless it resonates with you, completely ! I am here for you, always ... I am Another You !

Trust that Ma takes care of all her children and everything is bound by certain laws of cause and effect. We always have the chance to change our crazy ways and rediscover a new version of ourselves each new day. We are born anew with each sunrise and its a new you, a new day ... make better choices and remember to stay connected with the breath at all times. The New Earth is something that each one of us will co-create by simply envisioning it. We dream our reality into being ... We will manifest love and harmony on Earth, and it starts with us.

Be Love ... Be Light !

((( In Lak'ech Ala K'in )))

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