Coronavirus Crop Circle : May 2020

And ... the season begins ... with what clearly looks like the sign of our present times .... HAHAHAHAHA :D .... Open to Interpretation ..... What do you think ?!

If you ask me, it looks like the 'Coronavirus' mainstream media image and it's message to humanity ... To see through the illusions of deception and fear based mass hysteria that has gripped humanity for a long time. This is only how the end, begins ... We have relied far too much on technology and the externalising of power in our society.

It's time for a mass global awakening which involves many if not all aspects of life, which may seem separate at first, however are deeply interconnected. Everything from Food, Health, Education, Medicine, Earth History, Creation Mysteries, Aliens, UFOs, Portals ... is to be explored in a new light as the patterns of inter-connectedness emerge.

This whole 'Plannedemic' serves a prime directive to unite humanity as ONE ! There are many of us who feel this at many levels and now, even more. The Universe is unfolding perfectly as it has to, with many more souls on Earth, awakening to their true nature and flowing with the changing times, gracefully, with love !

We have been preparing for these times and everything will start to make sense as things unfold. All we have to do is listen to our intuition in the here and now and stay rooted in our deep sense of knowing who we are, while letting go of any and all kind of baggage we've carrying around that has been weighing us down. In a state of knowing, emptiness .... ! In a state of departure, while constantly arriving .... :)<3 ...="" :="" a="" arriving="" constantly="" departure="" in="" of="" state="" ul="" while="">

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