Television, Sports, Patriotism, Competition have all been quite effective in keeping the masses divided, in a perpetual state of trance making us easily manipulated and controlled by creating these emotional insecurities so they, the ones who seek to control us, can further their agenda of world dominance. Some of us don't realize how easily we're seduced into pleasures of the 5 senses, keeping us distracted for as long we continue to feed those desires. Once we become aware of whats really going on, we take control of what we create as we journey along ... infinitely :)

Just came across this today while looking for a video on youtube about 'How TV and Sports are used to control us' ...

Covert Mind control is one of most commonly overlooked facts of our reality, and it is only because we have allowed it at one level or another, it is. Each one of our individual responses to what we're constantly being bombarded with in the name of current affairs and news is what shapes the collective human experience. Lets choose wisely ... how we react to what comes along ... ☼:-)

Its time to transcend the karmic patterns ... its time to learn and evolve ... as one family !

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