I, The EGO & The Others

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The illusionary multiplicity and the I had a close encounter to say the least. The getaway seemed like a brand new captivity cleverly concealed under the facade of hype. The lost lived up to their name while the forever in search continued to dangle on the thin line of morally correct consciousness and intoxication ridden obscurity.

A population built on metaprogramming and a supposed sense of worthiness oscillating to the tunes of bubblewrapped tried tested quickly lapped up drunken' groovy club music ! Hang On... Now since we are done with the in demand music, we can switch to some full on psychedelic trance in light of the recent upsurge in the number of psychedelically delusional folks in town !!! Looks like there are more than we imagined... While the 120-130 bpm grooves were doing the rounds, the hungry were feeding on all they could muster in hope of unleashing some serious mental power through the twilight zone. I was just waiting !

All the I's slowly began to dissolve into a huge wave of excitement as the 145 bpm tunes took over unearthing profound reactions and some really clever moves under the multicolored rapidly alternating strobe lights. Home is where the energy takes over naive earthly indoctrined perception and it was nice seeing so many at home ! Save for the occasional outcry for attention by the I's, the EGO's were mostly dissolved in celebration of the full on tunes we are all so familiar of.

Let the music play while you send the I out to FLY !

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