A Brave New World

"I was born free and then the world put me in chains !" Somewhere in this beautiful material world that we've created setting a price for almost everything around, the system HAS failed and it's now when we can either ship up or shape out fighting each other like wild animals.

Here ensues a saga of rebellion in this fight for freedom.

Authority: A force to uphold peace and happiness through laying down laws among the working class to ensure uniformity in functioning of all processes. A laid down program which all follow like it's the only right way to go. Sooner or later, you realize you are becoming the very program that runs you ! People believe what the media has to show and most media is run by a nexus of the rich and powerful which alters facts and tweaks information to trigger a strong emotion normally of hate, sorrow, regret, unhappiness and a strong sense of fear towards anything that the world believes is unlawful and unwarranted.

The law of nature: A constant battle between the forces of good and evil (Creations of a very powerful entity, the human mind) almost unconsciously overseen by the ONE {Most know him as God, for me it's the ONE force better known as Energy in the scientific and the psychedelic world ;) } .

The myth is that this world is in constant grief, the truth is that your world is what you make of it (Wish we could alter our perception and come together as one massive). Fact: It's a beautiful world and if you're still oblivious to the forces of nature, it's just a mattera time until you figure out ! We don't need religion to divide us, we need a common line of ethical and moral conduct to walk on, not missing out on the fact that we are all barely mortal humans maybe with a characteristic super power for a greater good... HA ! We have successfully isolated each other based on certain notions we breed as to how different we are from each other... Reality Shock: We are not the only intelligent form of life that exists. The universe ain't a very friendly place either which means that our struggle to survive takes a whole new meaning. There are races like ours with similar intellectual abilities and possibly a more advanced reality. We should rather be putting our minds together to reach other alien life in our reachable universe, than trying to outdo the other in proving a point that won't last any longer than this moment, NOW !
Find your Bliss and make this world a better place !

Wish for the massive as you are ONE among them ! Get out there and have some FUN !

((( Om Namah Shivaya )))


Taryn said...

Om Namah Shivaya

LostLittleGirl said...

Hope it works out this time...

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

About time !

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