Language of the Future

I don't even wanna try attempting to get at statistics and the history of language. What I've heard is that for millions of years mankind lived just like the animals... and then, something happened ! We learned to talk which was of course way before Adam and Eve were conceptualized ! Since then, there has been talking and more talking to the extent that now you get paid to talk ! The Talking industry is seamless and spreads across various cross cultural domains of everyday functioning feeding the system !


Terence McKenna proposes a revolutionary theory suggesting the use of psychedelics by our almost monkey ancestors which over many thousand years enabled us to develop mentally, eventually communicate through speech ! Out there in the wild there must be more such creatures living on Mushrooms, Berries and other vegetation which brings about change in cognitive abilities. They may not have learned to talk like the most prominent life form of our planet, but they sure do communicate their way ! Not too sure why we rank high among other Intelligent life.


Thanks to European Colonialism, English comes closest to being the one language we could have in common. It could've still been love if the accident called Speech hadn't happened, and now with all the bullshit in the world, love will have to wait until all humans learn to respect one another ! Computers and the Internet have made the most noteworthy contribution to Human existence shrinking infinite knowledge into pages easily accessed from home. The magic in binary runs through lives of millions of users across Earth, enriching our lives and connecting us with other interesting people.


All those people clinging on to regional twists of language need to get lost in the wild and chance upon the Amanita Muscaria and have a mind expanding vision of life being able to create images in the listeners mind through sound. The divisions and the walls we create with ignorant value systems about culture and lifestyle need to be brought down now. Brain washing the masses in the name of heritage and blah , will be a thing of yesterday once true knowledge gets washed in, on the shores of pure consciousness. English now and eventually love as the one and only language we'll ever know ... expressed .... communicated and understood in infinite ways ! Keep Talking ... we are still learning the unspoken language ....


BillyWarhol said...

Rock On!

Good Riddance to Bush + his Brainwashed Flock!!



Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Peace Mate ! :)

The silent revolution of truth is in overdrive !

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