Oxygen, The Greatest High !

I never cease to wonder at the Intelligent Design of life and the psychological manipulation of us humans, by us humans, for ... uh ... Who knows man ? ! The questions seem never ending and there is always a Why ? There is also lotsa Oxygen, that gets your real high !

Extensive physical activity pumps in more Oxygen to our Brain, apart from all that Adrenaline rushing through the bloodstream swinging our conscious states between rhythmic, repetitive vibrations. All the burning renews energies at various levels, that make us who we are. Oxygen, sustains our physical existence and fuels the brain to function better. The modern lifestyle brings in a host of Toxins and clogs the system making it devoid of precious O2 molecules. The ones involved with sports or some physical training get their regular dosage. The working class, especially those working weird shifts tend to get drawn into the inviting coziness of Sloth (Thanks to all the rich n greasy food delivered to your doorstep) and regular alcohol induced highs ! However, with the onset of Energy drinks ( I'd prefer fruit extracts like Guarana and other naturally found magic portions), mind expanding psychedelics and 8-10 hours of dancing to a beat twice as fast as your heartbeat, Oxygen is back in business !

Apparently, study on pure Oxygen's effect on humans shows that Oxygen may not be as benign as claimed to be ! When free radicals of the Oxygen molecule attack cell membrane lipids they produce Isofurans which lead to Hyperoxia - Induced Lung injury ! Scary eh ? Why be on one end of a pipe pumping in Oxygen into you from a cylinder when you are better of breathing fresh air, out there ?

A run through the friendly neighborhood and that occasional outdoor game with the boys certainly packs more power into the mind body mechanism. With carefully spaced out workouts in between grueling job routines, health is well taken care of. Is it better to burn out than fade away ? Sure makes some sense to burn while you are fading away or whatever, who knows how it's gonna end and if it really ends ? ! While the answers are being searched for, it's best to Dance ...

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