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Lately, I've been reading some channelings on the Internet. Most of these have made a deep connection with what seems to be from a higher realm, from a divine being of light ! There are many such channelings easy to find on the net however the ones from Arcturus & Ramtha, channeled through JZ Knight strike a chord within ! They speak of Oneness & Love ... Here's one really interesting channeling received by Sal Rachele from Leah, his twin flame from the sixth-density Venus and also with a group who call themselves, the Arcturians !

Leah on Six Six Six
Received by Sal Rachele
June 6, 2006

Dear beloveds, this is Leah. It has been several weeks since I delivered a message in this format. Many of you are wondering, “Where is Leah? Has she abandoned us?” No, dear ones, I am still here. Time is a bit strange in your world. I blink my eyes and a month has passed on your world. I am always here, and yet you go back into your 3D world and forget you are connected to the Whole. Such is life on your world.

There are many subjects I could talk about today, but I have chosen this one due to your preoccupation with numbers and numerology. We have spoken before about how numbers play a part in the design of our Universe. You have the ONE God present throughout all of Creation. You are made of the TWO polarities of God – Male and Female. You have the THREE – the Trinity of God, known as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in your Hindu traditions. You have the FOUR parts of God, as illustrated in some of your more esoteric writings, given by various names, including Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, or Father, Mother, perfect Balance and Manifestation. Then it gets a bit more complicated. You have the pentagram, or FIVE-pointed star, which has many meanings. You have the “as above, so below” SIX-pointed star represented in the Jewish faith. There is the idea of the SEVEN as a lucky number and the seven-dimensional model of the Universe. You have an EIGHT-dimensional model as well. You have NINE as completion and the last of the single digits. Then you have the TEN, a new beginning in your base ten number system, and the master number ELEVEN. The number TWELVE represents the number of densities in your local Universe. In actuality, this Universe operates on a Base 12 number system. Some of you are superstitious in the sense that you ascribe power to numbers, such as lucky or unlucky 13. In numerology, 13 is the most sacred of all numbers, representing the Tao, or the Void, or the sacred mystery of Creation. I could go on beyond 13, but I am not teaching a course in numerology here.

The 6-6-6 is a curious idea. Many of you have equated it with the devil, or Satan, or Lucifer, or the Mark of the Beast as given in the Revelation book of your Christian Bible. Numbers can be used as mental triggers, or as portals into certain subplanes and subdimensions. The 11:11 was very popular many years back. These numbers have been given the status of special codes designed to trigger certain responses within your mind. They have no power within themselves, although they may have certain unique mathematical properties.

You have had many trigger events, such as Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance. Any date or time that helps you come together in consciousness for a common purpose of peace and love is a worthy effort. As you know by now, there is power in numbers (of souls). Numbers represent geometric configurations and when certain numbers are combined, you have the building blocks of the Universe represented. The fractal geometries are based on complex numbers. These are numbers that exist in the natural world, but for which your mathematics is inadequate, and so you invent what you call imaginary numbers to compensate for this. Yet these so-called imaginary numbers, when generated with a computer, produce some of the most beautiful patterns in all of Creation. You find, upon careful exploration, that the entire Universe is based on these patterns and regenerates itself in this manner. You discover the hologram, or the Universe within the Universe. You begin to realize that you live in worlds within worlds within worlds. This is the beauty of Creation.

Ah, we digress. We began this discourse with the idea of the 6-6-6. Our point in bringing up this topic is thus: When a great number of souls believe in something, it has a bit of power. This power has been given to it and once given, it can take on a life of its own. So it is with 6-6-6. Some of you recoil from this, having been reminded of all sorts of sordid adventures in the 3D and 4D realms. The Mark of the Beast, a concept introduced by the Orions and Sirians many thousands of years ago, was originally intended to instill fear within the populace as one of many means of controlling you. Do you really want to keep giving power to this idea? In your sacred texts, there are esoteric meanings given to the sequence 6-6-6. We will not go into detail here. However, this coded sequence is associated with white and black magic, or the use of higher mind power to control and manipulate other souls and events through ritual.

Yes – there are energies and entities you can tune into that will assist you in amassing power for or against others, but is this really what you want to do? What purpose would that serve? It might be interesting and even enjoyable to dabble in white or black magic, but how does it contribute to your soul growth? Is it really important to go there? Do you have time for things like this when your primary goal is your enlightenment? It might be helpful to understand superstition and numerology, but how deeply do you want to go into this and for what purpose?

Your ego is the part of you that likes to control and dominate people, places and things. All of you have, at one time or another, become “control freaks.” You feel insecure inside and believe you are lacking in some way, and you feel that in order to become more complete, you must somehow force the Universe to do your bidding. I assure you, beloveds, that this is a path of misery and suffering. The only one you can control is yourself. Ultimately all attempts to control others will fail. Yes, you might amass great armies and so-called intelligence units and compliant soldiers and secret organizations and all manner of obscure tactics. You might create a secret society with rituals and initiations and status and hierarchy. You might delude yourself into thinking that you are very important because you are in the inner circle of some mighty and powerful legion or club or order. Yet what lies underneath these fantasies?

Your world has been heavily polarized into the “haves” and “have-nots”, into the rulers and the masses, into the learned and unlearned. Your so-called rulers have dabbled in white and black magic, in one form or another, for millennia, in their insane desire to control each other and the populace. To some degree they have succeeded. Instilling fear in others, they create an artificial sense of power and control. They erect fences and walls and secret chambers. They put on uniforms, robes and medallions. They beat their chests in self-importance. They rob and rape and pillage the resources of this world. They lord their spoils over others in a vain attempt to wrestle a real sense of importance out of their madness. They are the insane puppets of an ego that cannot be satisfied. They claw and grasp at things, people and experiences, desperately seeking something that they crave and long for. And what is that? It is what all souls long for. A remembrance of their holiness. A remembrance of their perfection. A remembrance of their Oneness. Yet they look outside themselves, or look inside to their egos. And they will never be satisfied as long as they continue their game of insanity.

Beloveds, forgive me for going on so long on this topic, but do you realize the extent of this madness? Can you see that the perpetrators and the victims are both caught in this macabre game of “I control you” and “You control me?” Whether you wear the costume of the controller or the controlled, you are not free. You are both enslaved. You are caught in the game of duality. Do you see this deeply, beloveds? Are you ready to end this tired, silly game?

Let me repeat a basic phrase you have all heard: Nobody can control you unless you allow it. You are free spirits. Nothing has ever changed that, nor will anything ever change it in the future. It matters not what country you live in, how despicable your leaders, how miserable their facades. Open your spiritual eyes and just say “No” to this madness. Reclaim your Divine heritage. Your God has never left you, not for one instant. Today, remember this and join me and the Confederation and the majority of souls in this Universe who have awakened to this fact. Let 6-6-6 be a joyous celebration of life. Dance with the devil. Party with Satan. Give Lucifer a big hug. Or better yet, give these symbols and the souls who believe in them a prayer and a blessing. Bless your world leaders. Pray for them. See them bathed in the perfection of God’s Golden Radiant Loving Presence.

Today is a wonderful day. It is an opportunity to see perfection in all people and things. Join me today in marveling at the beauty in all things, including 6-6-6. I am Leah, forever yours in spirit.


Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 [email protected].

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Unknown said...


This is exactly what I needed to read. This clarifies so much.



Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Love is All :)

Anonymous said...

This is text of great understanding and truth,
which will echo beyond the walls of eternity.
understanding makes love possiable.

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sajana said...

This Rocks! Very thoughtful! This just taught me a bit of unconditional Love! Thank you!

sajana said...

Very thoughtful! Even the the world is a bad place still we wish it to be a good place(and it does work).. why cant we do the same with people? Thank you!

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