The Flower of Life symbol within a triangle was reported on the 1st of July at Waden Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire.

This one appeared at the exact same location as this one in the picture below from 2009 ... with Silbury Hill in the background.

The ground shots of the formation are quite exquisite ...

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Kota's Parlour said...

As usual interesting articles,, Its nothing but joy to these circles,,,thanks a lot abhi ,,bye
luv n light ,,,, ash

Kota's Parlour said...

As usual interesting topics u send,, It is really nice and enjoyable to see the patterns of these circles,,,, thanks for sharing ,, bye luv n light ,,, ash

King Daddy A said...

Wow great article! Keep them coming, this is really interesting stuff.

09 10