Learning from Ancient Aliens and the Egyptian Wisdom Tradition

In this five-part series, learn about the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, their other-wordly origins, and the techniques to remember your soul mission in this life. Throughout this series, Philip Coppens will be joined by special guests Duncan Lunan, Andrew Collins, and Dr. Carmen Boulter.

The purpose of the Ancient Egyptian wisdom tradition was to lead the individual through a process of initiation to realize their true nature. As we discover that the soul is eternal and divine, we learn that we incarnate with a specific purpose in each lifetime.

Through the Egyptian “science of the soul,” the neophyte would receive guidance leading them to self-realization, or gnosis. Recent research reveals that this science may have been the gift of literal visitors from other worlds - beings that the Ancient Egyptians revered as gods.

In this groundbreaking five part series, “Ancient Aliens” researcher Philip Coppens and his guests propose that the path of our human civilization was not walked alone, but with the help of non-human intelligences, star-faring "gods" whose deeds are preserved in myths and legends. At the dawn of history, our ancestors in Egypt developed a science of the soul that appears to have been based on communication with galactic intelligence. Now, in this time of prophecy and transformation, we can learn this ancient knowledge system, and apply it to our lives.

In this series, we will discover :
  •  Lessons from the ancient Egyptian Wisdom Tradition to reach our true potential
  •  Methods to contact higher intelligence, and the role of visionary plant sacraments in the origin of religion
  •  How our ancestors were visited by extraterrestrials in the past
  •  How these "ancient aliens" contributed to the birth of human civilization
  •  How the Egyptian Wisdom Tradition was preserved through time, and what it reveals about our future
In "Ancient Aliens," researcher Philip Coppens explored the archeological and historical record and offered evidence of ancestral contact with beings from other worlds. In this Evolver Intensives program, Philip takes us on a journey beyond the popular series, into the heart of the Egyptian Wisdom Tradition. When we access this ancient knowledge, we discover our mission in life, which brings us joy and fulfillment. This course integrates this ancient knowledge into the present day.

You will be part of this unique online event -- a rare opportunity to delve into the personal implications of Ancient Egyptian mysteries -- watching the live video stream and asking your questions directly to Philip and his special guest experts: Dr. Carmen Boulter, Duncan Lunan, and Andrew Collins. Three of the five seminars are devoted to lectures by Philip, followed by a Q & A session in which you can take part. Two sessions include one-on-one conversations between Philip and our featured guests, followed by Q &A. In the last seminar, Philip will provide a comprehensive conclusion that will include student feedback.

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A comprehensive research is very good and I believe also has resulted in something positive. Our curiosity about this vast universe, has led some people to be more willing to "think ahead" and realize what they hope.

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