Killing Cecil the Lion : The Toothless Dentist

Somehow, killing Cecil the Lion, who belongs to an endangered species has become a hot topic of discussion world wide with multiple social media platforms reporting about this inane act by a man who can be best described as 'toothless', ironically also a dentist who has now apparently shut office after the news went viral. Well, its not the first time someone has 'sportingly' killed a wild animal and posed next to their prized trophy, for Fun ? We humans are responsible for the killing of countless animals everyday for food, which some believe is still better than killing them as a sport. The pain an animal goes through is the same whether we kill for food or just for kicks to boost our own egos.

The killing of Cecil the Lion has outraged thousands worldwide, and should sensitize us humans towards other animals we torment continually. Here are some interesting videos about the killing of Cecil the Lion making headlines all over ....

Jimmy Kimmel shares his thoughts on the Minnesota dentist who illegally killed a lion who was a local favorite in Zimbabwe.

A Minnesota dentist, Dr. Walter J Palmer has been identified as the hunter who killed Cecil the Lion, a popular attraction in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.

An interesting video from a Vegan about the positive side of this incident ...

Walter James Palmer, an American game hunter reportedly paid US$50,000 to a professional hunter, Theo Bronkhorst, to enable him to kill a lion. Cecil was allegedly lured out of the sanctuary where he was shot and wounded with an arrow. He was allegedly tracked approximately 40 hours later, and then finally shot dead with a rifle. He was then skinned and his head was removed. His tracking collar was missing from the carcass. It has been noted that the initial attempt to kill Cecil was with a crossbow which in some hunting circles, is viewed as requiring more skill and therefore superior to hunting with guns. This has led to accusations that Palmer was "showing off".

Palmer returned to the United States, then issued a statement that he relied on the expertise of his local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt and deeply regretted that his pursuit of an activity he loves and practices responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.

Killing animals for fun or for food isn't something we humans should be part of in the first place ... If only we understood the karma we accrue by acting unconsciously, unaware of the pain and suffering animals go through to be the "tasty" food on our plate.

Its time we make better choices for the future of this planet and all living beings we share this space with.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~

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