God, Man & ET : Documentary Film

Here is a video presentation of a panel discussion featuring Richard C Hoagland, Dr. Paul Nelson, David Flynn, Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Michael S. Heiser all well known Scholars, Theologians and Scientists who came together at the University of Wisconsin for an all-day, mind-blowing discussion on the questions of "God, Man, and E.T."

Late in 2003, Dr. Mike Heiser and I collaborated on a one-day "Intelligent Design Conference" at the Kenosha, WI Parkside Campus of the University of Wisconsin. Mike at the time was a doctoral candidate in "Hebrew and Ancient Semitic languages" at the University of Wisconsin (he received his PhD. in 2004). He was also the most recent non-NASA scholar expressing serious academic interest in my 25+ years of research into the possibility of "an ancient civilization on the planet Mars!" After much discussion (especially, re the overwhelming religious implications of such evidence ...), we decided the research was mature enough (after over 20 years ...) to gather a number of other scholars together -- ranging from mainstream theologians to philosophers, and even a fundamentalist Christian mythologist! -- and spend an entire day presenting to and discussing with each other (before a public audience, no less ...) not only the very robust evidence now existing for "a former, ancient, ET civilization on the planet Mars ... which may somehow be connected directly to the human race ..." -- but also the larger possibilities (and even greater implications) surrounding the existence of past and/or present ET civilizations far beyond the solar system. We chose as our Conference title: "God, Man and ET." One of the many subjects we discussed in our ~13-hour, free-wheeling deliberations (now available on six DVD discs, here), was the thorny problem, "just how would one recognize a genuine 'ET intervention' on Earth, or in the larger solar system ... as differentiated from 'a genuinely Divine Creation/Intervention Event' ...?" While we vigorously debated these seminal questions (and many others ...), we did not reach any firm conclusions. We did, however, share a LOT of new, enlightening and cutting-edge scientific and theological information in the process -- as the DVD record of "God, Man and ET" amply reveals. Some years later, when I found the fascinating and thought-provoking article by Remi Cornwall, below -- "How Can We Take the Intelligent Design People Seriously?" -- I realized it would be the perfect (if somewhat belated ...) introduction to the deep, complicated but religiously crucial controversies we grappled with at the University of Wisconsin in 2003 -- as we explored the awesome implications of discovering a mile-long image of ourselves next door on Mars (And God said, "Let us make Man in our own image" ...
The first demonstrable, scientific evidence beyond Earth of "ancient extraterrestrials" (or "Someone"...) doing "something" truly extraordinary on the nearest, "Earthlike" planet ... and in the image of Mankind! Source Related Posts :

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