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Have you ever wondered what lies beyond what we superficially see? Have you ever contemplated the equation between religion, spirituality and plant medicine? Have you ever felt like extending the boundaries of your horizons and expanding your consciousness? Have you been considering trying plant medicine to check how it might benefit you? If your answer to any of the questions above is in the affirmative, then the documentary, The Reality of Truth,’ is tailor-made for you. Written and hosted by Mike "Zappy" Zapolin and Co-directed by Laurent Levy and Mike Zapolin, it is a must-see for those who aspire to grow their consciousness, experiment with plant medicine and surpass the supposed barrier of reality.

One of the most prominent features of the documentary, apart from the main message it shares, is the heartfelt interviews with prominent spiritual and thought leaders and celebrities including Deepak Chopra (alternative medicine advocate, speaker and bestselling author), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation), Marianne Williamson (spiritual teacher and bestselling author), Ram Dass (spiritual teacher), Michelle Rodriguez (award winning actress, DJ and screenwriter), etc. These personalities share their profound experiences, emotions and thoughts, and how they took a chance to experience spirituality with the assistance of plant medicine.

With the assistance of honest endeavors, impactful words and powerful imagery, the documentary makes a case for letting go of the myths surrounding reality and plant medicine and accepting the reality of truth that the world may not always be ready to embrace or even hear. The buildup to the facts shared by the host presents a question as to whether the ancient plants referred to in religious texts could be the source of wisdom to find solutions to today's problems, including mass terrorism. Another question presented by the documentary is whether meditation was part of ancient wisdom/religion. The documentary further sheds light on the detail that despite accomplishing a lot in life, people may sometimes feel a void and this means that they need to expand their horizons and experience more.

Further, to solve society's problems, there is a need to transform our collective consciousness. The solution offered by ‘The Reality of Truth’ is to take inspiration from ‘Psychonauts’, sailors of the mind or people exploring inside their own minds. This is like nothing one has experienced before. There is something beyond what we see and we need to have faith to believe in what seems to be unreal. Furthermore, the documentary will help you realize the advantages of meditation by asserting the number of people who benefit from it all over the globe and even a Bible reference to the practice.

Foster Gamble, the man behind ‘Thrive’, accentuates that altering our consciousness leads to the shifting and expansion of our consciousness. The documentary will teach you that experiential spirituality, finding answers ourselves, can be a rewarding experience. It incites us to go beyond and ask questions we do not usually ask. The documentary and the words of wisdom shared by the notable personalities featured in it encourage us to have faith instead of fear while approaching the unknown. Also, drugs have several negative points linked with them but when they cure someone, it should be counted as medicine.

Perhaps the most important piece of wisdom shared by ‘The Reality of Truth’ is the real-life accounts of those who benefitted from plant medicine or psychedelics by bidding adieu to their addictions, including the alcohol problem of Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholic Anonymous and that of Gerard Powell, the founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center. Both of them benefited from the experiences stemming from plant medicine (psychedelics) intake to the point that they got rid of their serious problems and turned their lives completely around for the better. In other words, plant medicine cured these people and many others around the globe.

Among other things, the documentary teaches us to take inspiration to meditate from Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, etc., capitalize on the experiences of Ram Dass to benefit from plant medicine to seek, feel motivated by the enlightening and loosening experience of Michelle Rodriguez and several others to let go after having San Pedro and conducting an Ayahuasca ceremony and experience spirituality and the feeling of a Supreme Being. Based on the experiences of those who are featured in the documentary, you may get rid of anxiety, depression, anger, hatred, inhibitions, and addictions and be a new you, lead a new life, and push the restart button. The documentary also discusses the breathing technique of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. According to him, by adjusting our breath, we can arrive at a higher state of consciousness.

The insights shared in the documentary by many make it clear that these experiences help one realize the way one wants one’s life to be. Zappy makes a point that plant medicine is illegal because of monetary reasons. Pharmaceutical companies wish to only sell petroleum-based medicine for monetary reasons, which do not actually cure and lead to several side effects. Plant medicine, meditation and breathing adjustment are among the tools that can assist one in going beyond and transforming their lives. The multilayered narratives of a diverse array of people featured in the documentary will definitely touch people and their lives for the better and you have to watch the whole thing to know what it actually says.

In sum, a person may find it easy or hard to believe some of views presented in the documentary since the subject is controversial but should still check it out because it is outside the box and compels people to ponder, experiment and go beyond what is generally acceptable. Life is supposed to be lived to the fullest or it goes to waste and ‘The Reality of Truth’ introduces a way of life to accomplish exactly that. You might transform your life like many in the documentary after being witness to the wonders of life, plant medicine and an expanded consciousness. Projects like this are few and far between and you must make the most of this. Highly recommended!

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