Massive UFO Near Our Sun : May 2012 ~ NASA Footage !

There have been a whole lot of images and videos of Massive UFOs using the Sun's Stargate to enter our Solar System as seen from NASA's SOHO probe and other telescopes observing solar activity. Each time there is a new discovery of anomalous objects or lights captured by the SOHO probe, NASA edits those images out ! They are trying hard to conceal the evidence lest they're asked to explain these sightings which they know would be a tough ask, as it would need them to reveal for long withheld knowledge and advanced technology which changes our present paradigm and way of life.

Here are some videos with NASA's SOHO probe footage of the sun ... check it out for yourself !

Another incredible Anomaly caught in the Sun's orbit. Filmed by SOHO, the footage apparently captures a huge structure, which seems to de-cloak briefly (Over 1 hour) or become visible after solar flares pass over it. What are these anomalies, and why does NASA continue to lie about there existence, passing them off as glitches, dust particles etc. Its time for the truth NASA !

Courtesy : NASA

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