UFO Filmed in Madhya Pradesh India : Udantashtari !

Just recently while chatting up with a friend, the Hindi word "Udantashtari" came up ... which literally translates "Flying Saucer". I remember hearing the word as a child ... recalling which made me realize the extent to which this phenomena has been observed by humanity all across the planet ! This made me google the word 'udantashtari' and voila ... i find a youtube link to a UFO / Udantashtari sighting in Madhya Pradesh, India !

Here is the video footage of a UFO filmed by Atul Pathak, a resident of Anuppur in Madhya Pradesh, India on the 7th of August 2010 ... Incredible indeed :)

On closer inspection, the UFO seems to have a face ... something like a smiley ... ~ this one does remind me of something similar filmed at the Sattva Sanctuary ECETI Ranch ...

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