The Midnight Gospel : Netflix gets Trippy

"The Midnight Gospel" a brand new show from Pendleton Ward, the creator of 'Adventure Time' that's airing on Netflix now is definitely comic relief with a hint of wisdom, in these insane times we're living in.


Some really trippy, enlightening conversations will keep you hooked for sure. My favorite part so far is the conversation on Death and going with the flow ... in the river ... which is reality ! Quite profound to be honest ! Very symbolic of our usual fight or flight response in times of adversity. The choice between love (knowing) and fear (ignorance) decides whether we make the up shift when the time comes ... entering the unknown portal or staying in this fear based paradigm, by choice.

This show is a genre-defining and trippy adaptation of the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast and features guests such as Dr. Drew, Anne Lamott, and Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three.

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