Orbs & Fairies In Digital Camera Photos

Orbs appearing in photographs taken on digital cameras may seem to be something new to us but indigenous people from the world over have always known them as nature spirits, ancestors, ascended masters, transdimensional light beings manifesting in our 3 dimensional reality.

The skeptic view of Orbs as dust particles, moisture or a camera aberration quickly fades away when you truly understand the interactive phenomena of orb manifestation by clicking some of your own Orb pictures. There are loads of pictures and videos of Orbs in various colors and sizes, manifesting in our visible world ... on you tube if you search for ECETI Orbs you can see these amazing orbs in motion at the Sattva Sanctuary, James Gilliland's ranch !

While googling for Orbs i came across this wonderful article on Be Still Now .....

What are Orbs? I do not believe anyone really knows the answer to that question. They are in fact a supernatural energy, and with that in mind you will find a lot of skepticism. That is why I think it is always more fun to find out for yourself what it is YOU believe to be true. And the only way is to play and see for yourself about orbs.

I will put some of what I personally have found. You will see that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

I do not see orbs to be ghosts. Orbs are very soft, higher-vibrating energy. I believe they are actually a type of window looking at us from another dimension. This universe is very complex and multi-dimensional. The variety of orbs that you see are from the variety of dimensions they could be coming from in the universe. A lot of orbs are nature spirits living with us and helping us, possibly another life form watching us and studying us from another place in the universe, possibly even ourselves popping in to see the past or future. I have even heard that they are a particular life form in this universe that goes way back, old souls I guess you could say. But whatever they are, you can communicate with them softly. I believe as our senses and telepathy open up more, we will have deeper communication with them and learn more as we evolve.

At this time, I just enjoy taking photos and showing that we are not alone. We are surrounded by a variety of life forms out there. The universe is an amazing place and multi-dimensional. If you honor and respect ‘what is,’ then in return you will have honor and respect. This is a great natural law.

Have fun orb hunting, and I will now provide some tips:

  • Use a digital camera. Most digital cameras will pick up orbs, but some seem to be better than others. I typically use an older model Olympus digital camera and get consistently good results.

  • Use the camera’s flash both day and night. The light from the flash improves your chances of getting an orb on film. Often while taking pictures with a flash, you can see orbs reflecting the light with the naked eye. So look fast with the flash, and you will see where they are.

  • Remain CALM and STILL inside. More important than the camera is the attitude of the person using it. Bringing a cheerful, accepting, peaceful attitude with you will attract them and make your photo experience more exciting and productive. You may talk to them softly. Let them feel your love. They will be curious about you and move in closer or even follow you around. You will see the same orb in several photos when you study them.

  • After taking a photo, you may find that they will leave. If you are calm, you can talk to them silently in your head, and they will start to come back. They will feel safe. Be playful with them. You will find techniques that work for you.

  • Take plenty of photos, then go home and study them while fresh. That way you will know if something is a light from something else, a reflection, or other anomaly. You want to know what you are seeing is really an orb and not a flash reflecting off of something else out there like a house or car light, shiny surface, metals, leaves, and so on. Know what you are looking at when you are taking the picture. Be mindful.

  • Have fun showing family and friends. Be ready to hear from all of the skeptics out there who are ready to blame the camera, the setting, the light, just about anything except believe that you got an orb on film. But you know what it is you are taking the picture of, our little friends!!! They make life a lot more fun knowing we are never alone. And then you will be ready for Animal Spirits and Fairies. When you are playful, so much will come out to play with you.

  • Be playful and never fear.

You are Greatness

Be Still Now

and Know

Here are some Orb & Fairy pictures we clicked in Secunderabad, India ...

Vikas @ Hilltop Surrounded by Golden Orbs :)

Heart Shaped Golden Orb Cluster ... GOA ! Related Articles :


Anonymous said...

I have invited fairies into my house and since then, I have the same orbs in my house everytime i take a photo.They are only small but I know they are there.

Anonymous said...

I have recently gotten a picture of 6 different orbs in my daughters bedroom and in pictures with her. Everywhere else like in my room, kitchen, etc. there aren't any orbs. I like to think of them as her guardian angels. Thats an awesome fairy picture you got up there.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

WOW ! ツ

If you would like to share your Orb pictures you could mail them to [email protected] ! Love our inter dimensional friends !!!

Love & Light my friend !

cam said...

Im not sure i believe this but thanks for opening the subject. Im looking at it with an open mind Great writing -Lucia (blogger for digital camera review)

Anonymous said...

Do orbs come in U shapes?

Melissa said...

My mother first got a pic of orbs when the house was being renovated 30 yrs ago and thats without a digital camera! Now we have orbs all shapes, sizes, and colors and even have several clear pictures of fairies.

Anonymous said...

Its dust! Guardian Angels! ahahahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Can orbs come in U shapes? Because I have two pictures and in the background there is a bright red Glowing U shape

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