Moon Rising : UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied Part 2

Moon Rising, the sequel to UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied is a film by Jose Escamilla featuring some never seen before pictures of the Moon in it's true color and uncovers some of NASA's long kept secrets about the huge structures on the Moon blurred out by NASA in all the pictures released to the public. The film show us enough evidence to know that Moon has intelligent life living on it, in fact the universe and even our surrounding spaces is teeming with consciousness invisible to our eyes since we can see only within the visible spectrum, that is quickly changing now .... the dimensions are now getting thinner and we are beginning to see more as divine energy from source surges towards our solar system ... bringing about an inner transformation to attune to a multidimensional reality ...

On February 25,1994 1.8 million photos were taken of the Moon during the Clementine Mission. Different variations were taken including “Full Color” photos. The front cover of this DVD is one of hundreds of photos featured in the film. This is the first time in human history the Moon is being revealed to you in its’ “Full Natural Color.”

On the matter concerning whether or not we went to the Moon, we landed there without a doubt. This film is about what was waiting for us when we got there and the lies put in motion in order to conceal what was found. - Science 'Moon Rising' - Full Documentary

Moon researchers and investigators appearing in this film disclose facts hidden from you for over forty years. The facts will amaze and shock you at the same time. You may ask yourself why these lies have been impressed upon us all these years.

The answers to these questions may prove we are not considered equal to those pulling the strings involved in this “greatest of all discoveries you have been denied.”

The suppressing of the evidence that there may have been civilizations existing on the Moon, or even more incredible, the possibility they are still there brings into question why we have been kept in the dark. We've been conditioned to believe the moon is a grey - colorless rock. On the contrary, The Moon appears to be a small planet teeming with life and structures the likes of which you have never seen before until now. At least it appears to have been inhabited in 1994 when these photos were taken.

On the front cover there is a bright silver - bluish disc on the upper right with a light green dome at its‘ center. Comparing it with the terrain below it does not conform with the angle of the surface. The object is hovering above on its’ side. The other disc at the bottom is in correct placement on the surface and is illuminating the immediate area.

"Once I started the colorizing process on the photos by adding earth tones and colors to the moon landscapes, the structures and towers began to pop out! I was so overwhelmed at what I was seeing that I stayed up all night to colorize as many of the photos from the archives as I could. I have spent as much as two days colorizing a single photo because there are so many things there to see."

- Jose Escamilla

"Moon Rising" has been nominated for the Best Documentary Award by the Action On Film International Festival being held in Pasadena, California July 24 - 30, 2009. The film will be screening on July 27 at 8 PM in the Academy 4 Cinema in Pasadena.

This is a must see on the large screen !

Source : Moon Rising - The Movie

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