Spirit World : Evidence Of The Ether

'Spirit World : Evidence Of The Ether' is a feature length documentary by Enigma Motion Pictures featuring Chris Everard & David Icke about the esoteric knowledge of ether and the power of magical rituals used by Shamans, Psychics, Scientists and Secret Societies such as the Illuminati to tune into higher dimensions and other worldly beings.

The contents of Chris Everard's documentaries tend to promote the idea of 'evil' associated with secret societies broadly termed as the Illuminati. Evil in our understanding of the term are actions which do not help in the evolution of the Soul, hence we have karma which works on the causal principles of the universe and reincarnation which brings the soul back to further it's evolutionary process and continue to learn. Evil and the idea of demonic forces are no more than illusions of the 'Ego', a false sense of self which feeds on fear brought forth as a result of the illusion of separation from all of creation.

This idea is presented repeatedly throughout most of the Enigma Channel documentaries on the Illuminati hence offering a good opportunity for each one us to transcend the dualistic viewpoint and let unconditional love for all shine within our being and reverberate throughout the cosmos ... Now is when we believe what we know to be true from the deepest recesses of our being ... and realize our role as co-creators in shaping the neo paradigm of Love, Light & Oneness ...

Believe nothing unless it resonates well with your deep inner knowing ... Once the old ways of fear have been transcended, the new light of love will shine on all ... the world will live as One !

((( Shine On )))

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Anonymous said...

this is propaganda brothers and sisters.....these guys dont know jack about crowley or shamanism...and they preach like they know the occult....chuck missler is heavily suspisious character....but you can always watch it and see if you can take another brainwashing tech...

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Namaste :)

Plants of the Gods ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6vB7T0ZK70 !

((( Shine On )))

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