The Power Of Love by Carrie Hart

The Power of Love
by Carrie Hart

Come with me now, down this garden path, and sit with me at this stream. Watch how the water flows by. See how it flows over and around the rocks. See how it flows even where there are obstacles; even a dam of rocks, higher than the bed of the stream, cannot stop the flow.

It may hold back the water for a time, but eventually, the water will prevail. It may rise up and flow over the top of the dam. It may simply leave the banks of the stream, spread out and go around the dam. Or it may find the weakness in the dam and through its relentless pressure cause the dam to crumble as the water is let loose to flow freely again.

This water is love, the source of all being. It is freedom and power, unrelenting, unending. It overcomes all barriers which lie before it through its unending flow.

But yet its pressure is gentle. For the rocks over which it flows, it is soothing and purifying. For that which dwells within it and on the banks along the side, it is a life giver, flowing and gentle. And yet, when it is thwarted, as with the dam, it prevails through its unrelenting nature.

There is nothing that you can do, nothing you can fail to do, that will keep love from you. There is no blame you can place upon yourself that will stop the flow of love in your life. Love is the blood that flows in your veins, the breath the goes in and out of your body. Love is an essential part of who you are. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be overcome. And even if it is forced underground for a time, still it flows and will again be made visible in your life.

You are blameless before this love. You are not judged and found wanting. You, exactly as you are right now, are deeply loved, are a part of love, are made of love eternal.

You breathe and it flows. You live and it flows. You are love.

The life-giving source is within you and it is the foundation of your freedom. The more you allow yourself to become one with the flow of love, the more freedom you will experience in your life. The more you give it away, the more it will flow in to fill you. The more you acknowledge its presence within you, the more you will flow and glow with love and freedom, going so deeply into the holy center of love that you finally see and know and feel who you are: a shining beacon of love and light in human form, as holy and free as anyone who has ever walked the earth and ever will. You—yes, you—are the ultimate expression of love.

The rocks of fear may pile up around you and in front of you, but you are not those rocks. You are the flowing stream of love and you will prevail over the barriers and watch them crumble and tumble before you. Such is your power, the power of love.

Love & Light,
♥Angel Love♥

Source : Carrie Hart ~ Quado ; Angel Love

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the uplifting post. Enjoying your site. Wishing you much blessing. :)

Anonymous said...

I Thank You for this wonderful uplifting site. I enjoy all that you post very much. Keep up the great work and many blessings to you!!!

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... Thanks a lot for all the love and light you share with us ... Deep Gratitude ~ In lak'ech ... :)

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