The 100th Monkey Effect : Quantum Evolution

We live in a Holographic Reality where any one change in the Hologram creates a ripple effect and begins to change and affect the entire hologram.

This effect was also observed in the 1960's by several Japanese primatologists who were studying the Japanese macaques or Snow monkeys.

Here is an article by Owen Waters about the 100th Monkey Effect which clearly shows this quantum evolution taking effect.

The Shift & The Hundredth Monkey Effect by Owen Waters

The Shift is the awakening of humanity’s heart. This transformation of consciousness, the greatest one ever recorded, first became apparent in the mid-1960s and has been building momentum ever since.

The Shift is a collective transformation consisting of the sum of each individual’s step into the New Reality. Each person, in their own time, is moving forward into a stage of consciousness which brings a wider vista and an awareness which springs from the heart. When enough people’s primary attention becomes focused through their heart chakras, then the ‘hundredth monkey effect’ will occur.

The Hundredth Monkey Effect was first introduced by biologist Lyall Watson in his 1980 book, ‘Lifetide.’ He reported that Japanese primatologists, who were studying Macaques monkeys in the wild in the 1950s, had stumbled upon a surprising phenomenon.

His book was soon followed up with a deeply inspired work by Ken Keyes in 1981, called “The Hundredth Monkey Effect.” In this, Ken Keyes made an impassioned appeal for an end to the Cold War and its policy of mutually assured destruction. Here, in the words of Ken Keyes, is a description of the key elements of the Hundredth Monkey Effect:

The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years.

In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

An 18 month old female named Imo found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers too.

This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists.

Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable.

Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes -- the exact number is not known.

Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes.

Let's further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

Then it happened!

By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them.

The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

But notice.

A most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea –

Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes.

Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind.

Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people.

But there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!”

Lyall Watson had originally researched and assembled the story from the available testimonies of the primate researchers. Because the phenomenon took the researchers so much by surprise, they had not counted how many monkeys it took to trigger this effect. So, Watson proposed an arbitrary figure of ninety-nine monkeys, and said that one more, the so-called one-hundredth monkey, would then provide the critical mass of consciousness necessary to trigger the effect.

The new behavior pattern spread to most, but not all, of the monkeys. Older monkeys, in particular, remained steadfast in their established behavior patterns and resisted change. When the new behavior pattern suddenly appeared among monkey troupes on other islands, only a few monkeys on those islands picked up on the new idea. The ones most receptive to new ideas started imitating the new behavior and demonstrating it to the impressionable younger ones. Thus, they too began their own path towards their eventual hundredth monkey effect.

How the Hundredth Monkey Effect Works The mechanism for this transference of ideas works the same way for monkeys as it does for all sentient beings. We exist within an atmosphere of global mind. The human brain is constantly receiving and transmitting mental pictures and information to and from that mental atmosphere in which we are immersed. The global mind, otherwise known as Jung’s collective unconscious, does not cease to function because a few skeptics don’t like its effects. It functions just like it always has, passing information from one individual to another based upon their common frequency of consciousness. If progressive monkeys had a new idea, then so did other progressive monkeys on other islands. They resonated at the same frequency of consciousness. Inventions often occur at the same time by inventors who are not in physical contact with each other. For example, in 1941, Les Paul designed and built the first solid-body electric guitar just when Leo Fender of Fender Musical Instruments was doing exactly the same thing. Have you ever had an idea, then seen other people express or use that idea. You probably said, “Hey! I thought of that first!” Well, that’s the way the global mind works. It’s an atmosphere that you share with all other sentient beings, but you tune in especially to the particular topics and frequencies of mind that interest you the most. What This means to The Shift When enough people have gone through their personal version of The Shift to the new consciousness, then a critical mass will form and suddenly everyone will become aware of the New Reality and its heart-centered values. That is the day when heart-centered values will become the focus of everyday thinking for the vast majority of people. That is the day when humanity will begin to look back on what has changed and realize that a massive shift has occurred. Source : Infinite Being Related Articles :


Bhakti Omwoods said...

I'm super glad there is scientific data backing this principle up. It's kind of common sense, but common sense, I guess, isn't too common anymore as they say. We've drifted so far from the roots and from anything natural. Love this blog, it's much needed. Please keep putting more and more good stuff out there. Love, Om

mahudri minu said...

hello my name is mahudri and i do not agree with this blog and article. This is not scientifically proven, it is an assumption. The article itself uses phrases such as "Let us suppose", "Let us suppose further" and "then it happened!" These assumptions are not real data they are guesses and do not work to prove your hypothesis. I am just speaking from a scientific point of view and conclude that this article doesn't make any sense from what is already known. It is normal for animals to adapt and mimic what they see. This is no 100th monkey phenomenon, rather an exaggerated myth, manipulating what is already seen in nature.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... Namaste Mahudri ... _/\_ ...

Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes -- the exact number is not known.

... It's Quantum Evolution ... We are all one Unified Field of Energy ... It's happening now ... :)

Don't take any one's word for it ... When we experience it, we know it's true ... :)

In Lak'ech Ala K'in ... In Love ... and Peace ... Always ...

Anonymous said...

So does this mean we will all be washing our potatoes by 2012 because im tired of that sandy taste.

Anonymous said...

Just the comments on here show that people aren't ready for the shift. I understand what you are saying completely and I definitely wish it would all happen sooner than later.

Tempibones said...

Nicely done. Used this as supporting documentation for my blog post: Making Choices in the Highest Good Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As strange as it sound I think it is possible.

Cosmic Claire said...

In 1995 I participated in a world healing event, The Hundredth Monkey Camp, aimed at building a morphic field of understanding to help our troubled world with meditation and talking stick circle amongst other things.
It was such a challenging experience that I wrote a book about it, which I am now serialising in my blog

I hope that readers of this page will find it interesting, and if you do, please share the link with your friends. Thanks

Cosmic Claire said...

The next chapter in my book 'Waking The Monkey!' about our work at the Hundredth Monkey Camp on the creation of a morphic field of global awakening and the mass enlightenment of humanity.

This chapter is centred on a meditation in the Garden of Healing, many thanks to Roger Keenan who gave permission for me to publish this meditation of his.


mi ka el said...

Electromagnetic standing wave of electrified atoms. ...periodic elements.. Pythagorus... Thoth... Hermes trismagistus... Nikola tesla... Photovoltaic liquidcrystal displays of light matter. We evolve as we have evolved. From liquid we come as in liquid we exist we are a unified body of water mind spirit.

mi ka el said...

The shift is now. As in the times of thoth hermes trismagistus the atlantean. We draw universal ka energy scalar waves. Nikola Tesla lives. The spirit is what energizes life. All energy originates at the source so all is of the source. The grand plan of periodic elements in action and reaction propelled by cosmic forces of electromagnetic resonances. Pythagoras understood as well as the other soul subconscious concious being. We come from one we are one. One spirit one mind. Many echos. Standing waves of Atoms. The seed that is life lies in the pineal gland. All in and within the electromagnetoc frequencies of light sound amd matter. We are one. Love peace exist in happiness

Anonymous said...

Excellent article - I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

how can I like your comment.. there is no tool for it

Unknown said...

THANK YOU, couldn't have said it better myself

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