Soul Proof : Documentary Film

"Soul Proof" is a documentary film which shows nine categories of evidence that convincingly prove that we are all infinite spiritual beings.

There are many people interviewed from all walks of life who share their personal stories about near-death experiences, after-death contacts, miracles, religious revelations, and much more. Also included are interviews with renowned experts in these fields.

Taken together, these reports clearly indicate that consciousness precedes and survives physical death. This collective evidence demonstrates that—despite your outward physical appearance—you truly are an indestructible being of energy.

This proof allows us to live more fully, without fear, and with purpose. This information will convince you that life is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity. Then you can enjoy full potential living.

The Soul Proof film also opens a doorway to dialogue that has been largely closed due to fear. Imagine a grandmother who sees her departed husband, but is afraid to tell others for fear of being considered crazy. What would it mean to our world to have such discussions be welcomed, not shunned ?

For the first time on film, the full spectrum of proof is presented in a fascinating and informative 90 minute film.

The nine categories of evidence:

1. After Death Contacts
2. Near Death Experiences
3. Miraculous and Revelatory Events
4. Scientific Input
5. Paranormal Evidence
6. Religious and Spirituality Teachings
7. Peri-Natal Findings
8. Reincarnation Evidence
9. Firsthand Experience and Inner Knowing

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