Life After Life : NDE Documentary Film

"Life After Life" is a documentary film on Near Death Experiences, based on Raymond Moody's book by the same name. Definitely a must see for all as it dispels a lot of fear surrounding death in people's minds and brings to light the truth about our eternal existence.

Raymond Moody's book documents the experiences of 150 people who recovered after being declared clinically dead. Moody is also credited for coining the term "Near Death Experience".

Some quotes from “Secrets of the Light” by Dannion Brinkley ...

“The Beings of Light said, “History is not carved in stone; we have the power to change the future.”

“During my first near-death experience, I vividly recall how … impressed upon me was the fact that we are “great, powerful, mighty spiritual beings.”

”Our spiritual potency grows in direct proportion to the way in which we direct our willful, conscious intent towards effecting change in our lives, the lives of others as well as the world at large. The changes we willfully influence, whether positive or adverse, will in turn create a ripple effect throughout the entire Universe. This occurs invariably because we are One. As cliché a saying as you may feel that has become, it still remains gospel.”

“Every single thing that one of us thinks, says, or does impacts all the rest of us, in varying degrees, on one level or another. Please stop for a moment to deeply absorb what you just read …”

” From this perspective, it becomes easy to find our true purpose in life … We choose to come here as a ‘Force of One’ in order to make changes for the betterment of humanity, knowing that we are capable of making a real difference.”

“Our fundamental purpose in life is to discover our uniqueness and then learn to manifest it for the betterment of humanity, through Love. This holds true if you are a singer, a street sweeper, or a saint. If you truly want to know why you are here and exactly what Spirit wants you to do or be, ASK! … when you attain the curiosity and courage to ask for higher guidance, Spirit will reveal everything still held in mystery. Discovering your own mission puts you in a position of responsibility. From this point on, you must act as a torchbearer for others who still struggle with their spiritual identity. Thereby, your life stands as a testament and demonstration that they can do exactly as you have done.”

“The truth is that we have actually been entrusted with the fate and destiny of the world. Please understand this; we bear the great responsibility of transforming the spiritual reality of this physical realm.”

“We chose to be alive at this time, at this place and at this point in history. Never before have we had such a glorious opportunity to display our individual power and presence.”

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