From Sex to Super Consciousness : The Future of Love

This February ... Evolver explores conscious love, sexuality and intimacy in its many forms...

Are you loving, and being loved, as deeply as you want?

Have you wondered how you can offer and receive love, through your body and your whole being, more and more unconditionally?

Would you like to tap into practices that blend the most profound and blissful tantric and mystical traditions with expanded consciousness?

Would you like to live as love rather than just visit it from time to time?

For this pathbreaking Evolver Intensives course, host Adam Gilad has assembled 7 leading experts on the ways that sensuality and intimacy provide an ecstatic path to profound spiritual experience: Annie Lalla, Alex Allman, Sera Beak, Michael Mirdad, Marc Gafni, Carol Queen and Reid Mihalko.

With humor, with infinite heart, and with compassion for the fear and pain we all experience, we are going to explore Eros, sexuality, consciousness and vision. Snuggling with the juiciest, sexiest core of our intertwining bodies, and with the most blissed-out dissolution of our small selves into the awakening of our fullest expression as conscious beings, we will discover what we can evolve into as individuals, as lovers and as a species…

Sex is play. Sex is surrender. Sex is profound and dangerous and an exhilarating discovery – of our truest selves and the selves of our lovers.

After all, the ancient Hebrew mystics didn’t say, “And Adam banged Eve.” They wrote, he “knew” her.

How can your sexual self be the crucible of knowing yourself anew? Of knowing your lover with both profundity and lightness, with both fierceness and the tenderness of a newborn’s touch?

Sex can be entertainment, distraction, obsession -- or it can be revelation of our truest selves, our most infinite consciousness. Through our bodies touching, we can touch the divine.

And we can feel – when we drop our anxieties, our bills, our status, our egos – what we can be as human in the act of “becoming.”

Few speak on this subject with Adam Gilad's remarkable insight and infectious enthusiasm. The 50,000 followers of Adam's dating and relationships newsletter already appreciate his unique mix of global wisdom traditions, spiritual cheekiness, advanced education and expansive practices. His legendary audio trainings and special programs cover topics like: learning the “language” of the other gender; cultivating a dance of the sexes rather than a battle; playing the spectrum of sexual polarity; and always, always, always, opening to fearlessness in self-awareness, self-evolution, compassion, forgiveness and really good wine.

Now you can join Adam and his guests for a 5-session live, interactive video course that will stoke your imagination and answer your questions. Each session will be a dialog between Adam and one or two featured guests. And you will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call.

Together with these extraordinary teachers, we will explore…

• How we can live our lives suffused by Eros – and what the impact can be for ourselves our lovers and the web of life into which we are woven
• How to embed our current experience of sexuality into a broader life of Eros
• How to transform shame into fuel for a profound erotic embrace of self and the other
• How to turn the passion of our intimate relationships into crucibles for awakening and co-evolution
• How to meld, through Eros, the dissolution of Eastern meditative wisdom with the Western tradition of dignified individualism
• How to transmute our unique stories of suffering and loneliness into a path of bliss, love, service and celebration
• How to embrace our own evolution and grow ever deeper into a life of love, intimacy, ecstasy and joy

This course takes place on 5 Sundays between February 10 and March 10, and you can participate from your laptop anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can take part in this course.

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