Today, on 080808 an amazing figure 8 or \infinity, i.e. Infinity or the lazy eight as it's called, appeared below Milk Hill, Wiltshire. We have a message here friends ! Straight from a higher intelligence what we call "Aliens aboard their UFOs". It is telling us about who we really are and is pointing towards viewing the nature of reality with an open mind and realize, We are One ! We are Infinite !

These signs in the classical sense, leading to ascension which culminates on Dec 21st 2012 are shaking our belief systems about who we are and what is reality ? The process of revelation is slow as it takes time in a linear sense to empower a few billion clueless people in our present times.

On October the 14th, 2008 there would be a huge mothership which shall stay in the sky for 3 days in the southern hemisphere ..... This is to reveal to the masses that we are not alone and there are various intelligences outside the human reality construct and they are telling you something ... to live in peace ! This contact would happen if only we are ready for it ... The date 8th of August, 2008 marks the opening of the crystalline gateway which streams in new radiant evolving light from a Solar Nebula somewhere not so far in the Galaxy. This energy affects our DNA and clears us of all the possible blockages of the 3 dimensional reality empowering us to tune into the crystalline gateway of the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is to do with the Heart chakra or in simple words it's about love ! The crop circle formation 8 also symbolizes the lover's knot to all women who are into knitting, crocheting and craftwork. There are feathers on the inside of the upper circle and on the outside of the outer. Feathers stand for Truth. The second coming of Christ is opening of the Heart Chakra and to come to truly understand we are one and it's all connected ! The figure 8 also resembles the lover's knot known to most involved with knitting, crocheting & craftwork. The Feathers on the outside and the inside of the circles stand for truth. The increasing size indicates the importance of truth becoming stronger with time as we know it. ' Time To Awaken To Infinity ' Also, check out the "The Human Butterfly Crop Circle ~Netherlands" : The Biggest Crop Circle Ever ! Shine On ... "Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (" Related Articles :


  1. Very interesting my friend, when you talk about the crop circle its really on as its intruging. But then the prediction of October 08 is really unbelivable.

    Lets see what has to happen then, till then cheers :)

  2. Quite unbelievable in a way, yet also possible in another ! The message is out and the world shall know truth as it really is of our infiniteness !

    Who we really are is energy ... maybe some sort of futuristic balls of light consciousness !

    Love Laughter Light ... Mate !


  3. Very interesting blog you have here.
    October 14, we shall see, what if it doesn't happen?

  4. Thanks Bob ! I Believe and so do thousands of others ... Our collective consciousness and our et mates are connected ! A Global contact is imminent !

    We are all a part of a grand DNA experiment and now it's evolution time baby :)

  5. I turned 30 on 08/08/08. On that date, I boarded a plane to Houston, TX from Oakland, CA, without an specific plan upon my arrival. Sitting next to me in the plane was a wonderful and humble man, who turned out to be a Christian pastor. We got to talking about spirituality, and he asked if I wanted to be baptized upon landing in Houston. I was raised as an atheist, and being baptized in a Christian church seemed like a great way to spend my birthday. I just went with the flow. We landed, drove to the church of his youth, and I was baptized, on 08/08/08.

  6. Anonymous22.7.11

    Where can I get a poster of the 08.08.08 crop circle? My son was born on the same date.....I added the numbers, 8+8+2+0+0+8 it equals 26, 2+6 also 8. He was born at 11.24 am, 1+1+2+4 yep, eight again!! Anyone got some in depth numerology insights on all these eights?? curious.....


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OTAC - Sacred Ancient Healing Ceremony
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