Here is Jaime Maussan presenting an amazing video of a really massive spherical object seen right outside the Sun's corona with strands connecting it to the Sun which does look like some kind of an energy transfer going on. The spherical object was there for nearly 80 hours as also reported by NASA's Helioviewer causing great turbulence in the solar atmosphere ... Here is the footage ...

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  1. Anonymous13.9.12

    The Biblical Prophet Ezekiel explains how the man dressed in linen takes a handful of hot fiery coals from one of the wheels next to the throne of God, and then He is instructed to cast it down to earth as Wrath. According to my investigation I predict a massive solar eruption on Dec 22, 2012, the morning after the last day recorded in the Mayan Calendar. Time stops on that horrible day when the earth will be bumped by the massive impact of the solar eruption, and this means that the globe is bumped and energized, causing the earth to spin out of control. We won't be able to navigate time once the earth is impacted. I believe that the earth will orbit the sun three times before finally resting in the proper alignment with the North Star Polaris and the earth will not have a wobble in the axis. The Polarity of Earth will be reversed, which is actually correct. This then means that the Earth's rotation will be clockwise. The Earth is a natural DC electric motor armature and the Sun is the field. The massive magnetic energy field will engulf the earth and induce an extremely high current that will speed up the rotation speed until the current is too high and the globe shakes violently before the current is reduced and the globe begins to spin again but in the clockwise direction as God is turning the world back towards Judgment and to the New Heaven where there is no rust due to the change in polarity. The Earth's globe is the nucleus of the universe and then the universe will begin to draw near to earth until finally finding it's proper position as the particles of the nucleus model. The Universe is model after the "Atom" therefore, the Earth is Center of Universe and the Universe is Center of Earth as it was in the Beginning. We are in for some major changes, I truly believe!

    1. Anonymous9.10.12

      whats going to happen to humans while all this is going on?

  2. Anonymous22.9.12

    I believe your a nutter


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