2012 Return to the Golden Age

Genre: Psychedelic
Duration: 68:25
Size:132 mb
Quality: 320 kbps Stereo
Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio Ver. 3.2.2
Acer Aspire 5610Z, Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060 @ 1.60 Ghz
1 Gb RAM; 120 Gb HDD, Windows Vista Home Premium


1. 1200 Mics - Mayans, Incas & the Aztecs

2. Astrix - Incoming

3. Prahlad - Movements of consciousness

4. Beat Hackers - Rise Up (Melicia Rmx)

5. Rastaliens - Spaceshifter

6. PTX - Terra Soul

7. Dynamic Vs Cycle Sphere - World of Sounds

8. Ferbi Boys - Planet X

9. Ephedrix - Astral Ignition

10. Mindelight & Sharigrama - We are One

2012 & A Golden Age: Mt. Adams Statement. "Alfred Lambremont Webre talks about our new time line heading to 2012, no longer due for cataclysmic earth changes, but moving with grace, wisdom and compassion into a Golden Age of Peace & Harmony" " Everything is Energy "
Science is now proving how our belief systems affect our realities. No longer is this awareness purely a 'spiritual' concept. These discoveries are allowing the mainstream community to understand the power and responsibility we have to ourselves - to choose and create the versions of life we’d like to live. These truths give us back our power. By connecting with our inner intelligence, we’re shifting away from relying on our ‘outside world’ to make us happy and into beings who decide and create our own happiness. We do have the power to manifest our desires. The discoveries the current generation of physicists are making are both dividing the scientific community and thrilling the spiritual community. Previously science believed the world we live in is objectively real. That is - it exists as a separate entity regardless of our connection to it. As science progressed, however, and the composition of the atom was researched, it was discovered that the previous laws describing the behaviour of atoms no longer applied to sub-atomic studies. Physical definitions and common sense theories could not explain the response of these particles. Quantum Physics is a modern science that supports the theory of The Grand Unified Field (everything in life is connected). When atoms are broken down, quarks and electrons are discovered and within these particles exist pure energy which is not physically measurable. Quantum Science has discovered this energy has its own intelligence and responds in a non-physical and non-commonsense way. Quantum Physics recognizes that everything in the Universe exists at the same ‘note.’ That is it all has the commonality of pure identical energy. This energy is known by spiritualist as ‘consciousness’ or God. Therefore a rock, a bird, a star or a human being are all ultimately made out of the same stuff. In spiritual terms this is acknowledgment that ‘God is everywhere and exists in all things.’ This energy cannot not exist - it has never not been and never will not be. It is Infinite and Indestructible. All of this energy is linked. Therefore it’s known as The Grand Unified Field. This unification means that every aspect of our energy affects energy surrounding us. As humans we all have our own separate consciousness that is definitely unique, yet is also linked to the Consciousness of the entire Universe. Related Posts :


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I'm glad you liked them Kimmy ! It's all the love that binds us and thanks to the internet we can share our thoughts freely with others !

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