What Is Synchronicity ? Messages From Higher Dimensions !

The magic of synchronicity is experienced by each one us as we choose our experiences moment to moment, shaping our reality consciously through the power of thoughts and intent. It's how we feel gives us a certain signature frequency or specific state of vibration which attracts like frequencies through events, subtle signs as we move through our daily routine ... Consciousness is the underlying fabric of our experienced reality and with a little conscious awareness of this interwoven nature of thought and manifestation we will begin to consciously create our reality.

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This involves not only acknowledging and embracing the power of our thoughts and feelings, but also living courageously by making wise decisions that reflect our truest spiritual desires and dreams. Cari inspires her readers and clients to expand the horizons of their imaginations, unleash their greatest potential, and create pathways to unlimited abundance !

This is one of her enlightening articles on Synchronicity !

What is Synchronicity ?

I was asked this question yesterday and decided to delve into its answer a little more deeply. My initial response was the following: Synchronicity is the process whereby our energy flows easily and beautifully and attracts to us all the ideal people and events that provide the perfect opportunity for growth. Awareness is key! There are no coincidences. Things, people, and circumstances come into our path for a reason. Synchronicity is the outward manifestation of our thoughts brought to us by our soul, linking and connecting us with others or with events that serve as meaningful opportunities that we have attracted into our experience to assist us in gaining clarity or evolving in some way.

The question lingered in my mind and I wanted to go a little deeper and provide more information on this powerful subject. Synchronicity and Serendipity are two of my favorite words! They represent the invisible, underlying spiritual workings of the Universe. There is a magical quality to these incidents that reminds us that there is something much grander going on behind the seeming coincidences that enter our experience. They can be perceived as signs that serve to offer awareness, awaken us, or inspire us in the unfolding of our spiritual destiny. They appear as two seemingly disconnected events that are actually beautifully interconnected in a divine way.

Each day we encounter meaningful synchronistic events that we have attracted and created (many times unconsciously) into our physical experience. Our souls create synchronistic incidents to be played out in the physical. We have all heard the expression, “There are no accidents.” From my personal perspective, this is absolutely true. All that we experience is by divine design. There are no accidents, just synchronicity wheels in motion. When we open to these events, they can help us make choices in our lives, because they are a form of guidance from the Universe. They aren’t always profound, but they ARE meaningful and represent the inner workings and guidance of the Universe.

Here are a couple of examples of synchronicity at work: A friend of mine was wondering whether or not he should follow through on his decision to get a divorce. He turned on the radio and heard an ad for available apartments. He smiled inside, embraced the soul sign being given, and knew what he needed to do. Another example would be thinking of a friend and receiving a phone call from that friend at that exact same time or watching a movie and seeing within the story of that film a metaphor for your own life situation. There are unlimited examples of this beautiful inter-connectedness of energy and matter/form/physical experience.

To quote Deepak Chopra:

“My own life has been touched often by synchronicity, so much so that now I get on an airplane expecting the passenger in the next seat to be surprisingly important to me, either just the voice I need to hear to solve a problem or a missing link in a transaction that needs to come together….

… I believe that all coincidences are messages from the unmanifest – they are like angels without wings, so to speak, sudden interruptions of life by a deeper level …. “

Often these meaningful coincidences occur at critical points in our lives, and they can be interpreted as containing the seeds of future growth. Synchronistic events really involve the meaningful unfoldment of potential. They are often associated with periods of transformation; for example, births, deaths, falling in love, intense creative work, or even a change of career/profession. It is as if this internal restructuring and/or mental energy produces external opportunities for us outward into the physical world.

In conclusion, I feel that synchronicity offers a beautiful bridge between our inner reality and the divine workings of spirit and our external reality that is revealed to us through our experiences. When we recognize these incidents as opportunities, life becomes VERY interesting! There is a sense of intrigue coupled with amusement when we start seeing things in new ways that broaden our perspective and engage our powers of manifestation with even greater intensity.

Go out and there enjoy this beautiful day and pay attention to the seemingly random coincidences that enter your experience. Challenge yourself to detect the deeper meaning to the divine patterns and find value in what is being offered to you! Be open to new perspectives and allow your mind its full, creative potential!

Much love,

Warmest Regards,
Cari LaGrange Murphy
Inspirational & Spiritual Author
Empowerment Coaching Solutions

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Buddha Burke said...

Wow, such a clearly stated article on the topic of synchronicity. I couldn't agree more with everything that's been said. I've been touched deeply by synchronicity over the years. The occurences have been happening much more frequently, clearly and consistently. This is a great read. Thanks very much.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... Thank You :)

TribalFunkGirl said...

Humans rest at the edge of knowledge like milk at the edge of a glass. Our gravity prevents us from rising above the rim. The physical rhelm of our limitations is where we feel safe. If only we knew our limits are only a holograph of reality, we could lift our limitations and reach to the depths and width of the limitless beyond where all understanding floats, waiting for the taking. The branches of our minds could reach through the tunnel that seperates human capabilities and that which is everything powerful and gather unto this species, all that awaits us and what we are meant for before the darkness drowned our light. The walls of fear and mystery would crumble and our weaknesses would turn to diamonds with all of the strength of heavenly knowledge and pure light. More than our fearful minds can handle yet, on a planet submerged in darkness.

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