Italian Crop Circles : 2010 Season

Crop Circle Tarquinia (VT) Italy - 30 April 2010

Here are some of the Italian Crop Circle formations of 2010 ... There aren't too many aerial images of most of these formations and some look pretty ordinary and possibly hoaxed which is quite evident in the irregularities in the formations themselves, broken stems and so on ...

Some of these formations look quite extraordinary and genuine with the perfect lay and crop swirls as seen from up close ...

Crop Circle Bagnolo Mella Italy 3rd May 2010

Crop Circle at San Benigno Torino Italy ... Reported on the 6th of May 2010 !

Crop Circle at Basiano Near Milan, Italy ... Reported on 26th of May 2010 !

Crop Circle at Granarolo Faenza, Italy ... Reported on the 29th of May 2010

A huge Celtic design of the "Sun of the Alps" appeared at Tribano, near Padova, Italy ... reported on the 31st of May 2010. The formation resembles the symbol used by the Northern League ...

Crop Circle at Motagnana Padova, Italy ... Reported on the 8th of June 2010 !

UFOs Over Italy The Vatican : News Cast ...

Crop Circle At Poirino (Torino) Italy ... Reported 13th June 2010 !

This is indeed one of the most beautiful crop circles this season and should definitely stir things up in the Italian mainstream media adding on to the momentum towards UFO / ET Disclosure and open contact with advanced civilizations ...

The formation has a prominent message encoded in it's design ... possibly a Galactic perspective of things ... a map of sorts ... The part of the formation which is in the green crop has an important significance in interpreting the message ... as also suggested by CMM research in their review of the crop circle, it could be symbolizing our Sun, with respect to other Stars in our Galaxy ...

This crop circle is one of the biggest ever reported in Italy !

Reference : Margherita Campaniolo

This post will be updated as they come ... :)

Reference : Crop Circle Connector

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