Why we need to move to a Vegan Diet ?!

Why are so many people all across the world changing their diet and lifestyle to something more in harmony with the natural ways ? Why are so many countries urging their citizens to move to a vegan diet ? Animal husbandry apparently is one of the major causes for global warming also discussed at length in a recent documentary film called, "Cowspiracy". Consuming meat for us humans isn't the best choice and comes at the price of our health.

Our bodies tend to wear out faster when we live on meat based diet. On the contrary, its proven that vegans live a much longer and healthier life. There may be some exceptions though, for example in cold temperate climates where its hard to grow fruit and veggies, humans need to eat some sort of meat to survive and in such circumstances eating fish and other sea food may be the only option. We must however, try and eat more of fresh, organic fruit and veggies as much as possible to maintain optimum health.

Here are some interesting videos discussing why we should be moving towards a vegan diet ....

Finally, each one of us has the power to change things by taking small steps in the right direction. If one truly loves all animals it shouldn't be that difficult to give up eating meat, but for most part, people say they love animals, namely their pets or other exotic creatures which perhaps don't make it to our plates.

We have the power to change ourselves and help others who wish to do the same ... For the rest of the crowd who still wish to continue the killing, we can only wish them well and allow their destinies to unfold as they have to. Everything which has come into form will finally return to its original formless state. Learning and growth for the formless happens while being in the form and we always create our realities and experiences by the choices we make, consciously or unconsciously.

May we awaken compassion in our hearts for all living beings and allow our true divine nature to guide us rather being driven by our limited egos.

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