Activating DNA's Higher Potentials By Roshoniel

DNA Activation is a relatively recent form of energy medicine that is fast approaching mainstream status. This fascinating field is based on the idea that it is possible to go deep within our own biology to the biochemical–and beyond, to the electromagnetic–level and positively stimulate our molecular structure, or our very physical makeup. For many of those who offer and have experienced DNA Activation, the benefits can prove very real, and often undeniably tangible.

Thanks to the Internet we are seeing the rise of many techniques that make impressive claims for activating DNA's higher potentials. Well-known DNA Activation modalities include Theta Healing, Wingmaker Atonement Level One, Visionary Music DNA Activation CDs, the Regenetics Method, and many others.

A consistent theme runs through most of these techniques: that anywhere from 3 to as many as 144 strands (or more) of human DNA can be thus activated! Unfortunately at this time, many such claims are not founded on clear or scientifically proven evidence and are often instead anecdotal or channeled. I am far from claiming that these assertions are necessarily false, just that most have yet to be empirically validated. I now wish to take a closer look at what science has discovered about our DNA, information that does suggest an intricate relationship between the evolution of DNA and higher states of consciousness.

The Human Genome Project Report from November, 1997, reads: “DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid and is the blueprint of life. It contains all of the genetic material that comprises an individual and makes them [sic] unique. DNA is a double stranded molecule that contains the genetic code. DNA is composed of 46 rod-shaped chromosomes; 23 which are inherited from the mother and 23 which are inherited from the father. Each chromosome has the shape of a double helix which was first described in 1952 by scientists Jack Watson and Francis Crick. A piece of a chromosome that dictates a particular trait is called a gene. Genes are the fundamental units of heredity. Collectively, the genes of an organism inform nearly aspect of the development and formation of that organism.”

Notice the number 46 (23 + 3 = 46). When reduced numerologically (4 + 6 = 10), we arrive at the classic number of perfection. Numerologically, 10 is often considered the number of completion and represents a “full-circle,” higher octave of the number 1. Its significance is further enhanced by the fact it takes ten lunar months to bring a baby from conception into the world. This strongly implies an inherent perfection or Divine Order in the structured helix of DNA.

From this and other information, we can begin to formulate the conclusion that higher-strand DNA activation is possible, but many questions remain. How many strands can be activated? What is the potential within each strand? Perhaps most importantly, how does DNA Activation impact our everyday experience?

“In molecular biology, 'junk' DNA is a collective label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or a genome for which no function has yet been identified,” we read in Wikipedia. “About 95% of the human genome has been designated as junk, including most sequences within introns and intergenetic DNA [noncoding DNA].” Many recent studies have indicated, however, that so-called junk DNA has a variety of possibly important functions.

The very conservation of noncoding DNA over millions of years of human evolution, rather than signifying useless genetic debris, offers evidence of such as yet poorly understood functions. A review of the most recent literature on DNA reveals many hypotheses to explain the existence of noncoding DNA. Some of the more hotly debated are:

* These chromosomal regions could be the remains of ancient pseudogenes, which have been cast aside and fragmented during evolution. A related hypothesis suggests that noncoding DNA represents the accumulated DNA of retroviruses.

* “Junk” DNA might provide a reservoir of sequences from which potentially advantageous new genes can emerge. This may be an important basis for evolution.

* Some portions of “junk” DNA could serve presently unknown regulatory functions, controlling the expression of certain genes and the development of the organism from embryo to adult.

A recent breakthrough in “junk” DNA technology was the discovery (reported in Nature in 2004) of some 500 “ultraconserved” elements exhibiting an extraordinary consistency among variable vertebrae genomes. This breakthrough provides scientific confirmation of a purpose of some kind for noncoding DNA, and also invites speculation about the role of this DNA in the apparent higher faculty developmental demonstrated by many yogis, gurus, and “geniuses.” Might these gifted individuals have succeeded in activating additional stands of their DNA?

Each higher strand of DNA can be envisioned as simultaneously generating and being generated by a higher level of consciousness. This is akin to what some call “multidimensionality” and is intimately related to the process of enlightenment. The three percent of our DNA that codes for protein sequences determines our individual makeup, personality traits, and overall genetic development. Noncoding DNA which gives rise to additional DNA strands is an evolutionary engine capable of taking us beyond this inherited starting point into multidimensional and, quite possibly, “transdimensional” territory–or a way of being that altogether transcends our holographic reality.

Since each new DNA strand represents a level of consciousness and a tremendous step in our personal evolution, we can now begin to see that to activate higher strands is a significant leap in the evolution of our consciousness. But we must also use our discernment when evaluating the claims of DNA Activation proponents. If the popular hypothesis of activating 12 strands, for example, were true, this would create a somewhat unthinkable scenario where everyone thus activated would no longer be on this or any other Earth we can conceptualize, since everyone would be, theoretically, in or around the twelfth dimension! This is problematic because many compelling theories of cosmology do not even recognize a twelfth dimension.

I do believe intuitively that when our higher strands (however many) are fully activated, we have the capacity not only to experience other dimensions, but, beyond this, to become One with the Source of All That Is. As we move toward this ultimate goal of enlightenment through DNA activation, the vast experience we term Life becomes increasingly integrated with this higher level of wisdom that is true Wholeness or Unity Consciousness.

We always make real what we think is real. In a profound sense, then, becoming a “Master” is something of a contradiction. We are already Masters of Creation, already Creator Gods. The path of enlightenment, to the extent it is a path at all, is the process of simply realizing this fundamental truth and then embodying it.

All of us, wittingly or otherwise, create our holographic experience of reality through the power of our consciousness, which is regulated by DNA. In an excellent scientific and philosophical treatment of the emerging field of DNA Activation, Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Sol Luckman, writing on the subject of torsion energy or universal creative consciousness, beautifully summarizes this point: “For practical purposes, the DNA molecule is brilliantly designed as a holographic torsion-wave-decoding biocomputer–one that magnetizes creative energy to it, and thus to our consciousness, that is aligned with our beliefs.”

In addition to many wonderful teachers, I am indebted to Luckman's pioneering theories and methods. It becomes clear through his work that as DNA's higher potentials are activated, greater access to our vastness is restored, deeper vaults of intelligence are revealed, and we are empowered to remember aspects of our Divinity that were forgotten. This can be accomplished noninvasively, by simply employing sound and intention to activate DNA, thereby promoting healing or “wholing.”

Luckman theorizes that at our present evolutionary stage, between 3 and 5 strands of DNA are becoming activated. In a recent article entitled “A Choice between Probable Futures: A Little Told Tale,” he writes that “twelve [is] not the only story to be told about the evolution of our species. [T]welve is part of a holographic principle–a multidimensional one as opposed to a much greater 'transdimensional' REALITY to which it is possible to have access. While it is true, in other words, that our holographic universe is in many ways structured on twelve, this does necessarily imply that as we evolve into the fullness of our being we must remain in this twelve-based universal system.”

In support of this point, Luckman cites Sheradon Bryce, a highly gifted “intuitive savante” whose genetics and astrophysics concepts have been studied by scientists: “Dimensional realities are either going to be systems of five or systems of twelve. A twelve dimensional reality is a clone reality … Five is an individuating number in dimensions. You were created to be individuated.”

DNA's latent transformational codes are intimated by transcendent states of awareness, sometimes referred to as “Nirvana.” Such higher genetic potential, though not currently validated by science, can be glimpsed in many religious and spiritual phenomena: Sai Baba's creating holy ash out of thin air, Padre Pio's documented miracles, Tibetan monks who can control their body temperature in ways that defy logical explanation, the story of Jesus feeding thousands with a loaf and some fishes, etc.

Clearly, there are higher levels of experience and ability humanity has yet to access on a consistent basis. These higher levels are functions of the universes within the self that can be intuited and, I contend, ultimately realized through DNA Activation. At this time, activating our third strand–an historical event Luckman refers to as an evolutionary leap “from biology to triology”–represents a huge elevation in our consciousness and remembrance of ourselves as Masters. DNA Activation is a way of promoting such deep remembrance, a gradual deepening of our connection to true Reality and a way of, eventually, achieving total self-realization.

by Roshoniel

Copyright (c) 2007 by Roshoniel. All Rights Reserved.
[Roshoniel (which means one who brings forward God’s Light from within creation) has spent over twenty years studying and practicing spiritual and physiological techniques for integrating soul and body. His background includes Rebirthing, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Serenity Vibration Healing Certification, and ordination in the Order of Melchizedek, in addition to Psychology, Science of Mind Foundational Studies, the “I AM” material, and Keylontic Science with Certification in the Kathara Bio Spiritual Healing System.]

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