How Psychedelic Drugs Affect Consciousness

Psychedelic plants have been ingested by man for thousands of years and are believed by many researchers and ethno-botanists to be the driving factor in the development of the speech, language, art, music, culture and various other aspects or manifestations of the human intellect.

Dr. Michael A. Persinger is a cognitive neuroscience researcher and professor at Laurentian University, Canada. In this award winning lecture called 'Psychotropic Drugs & the Nature of Reality' he brings forward knowledge about the effects of psychotropic drugs on consciousness and how our brain has the natural ability to produce similar compounds which help us attain altered states of consciousness.

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Anyone else try 2C-D? A truly remarkable psychedelic, one which could compare favorably with 2C-B. There are intense colors, and I feel that more would be too much.

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