Crop Circle : Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire ~ 30th May 2011

This crop circle formation was reported at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire on the 30th of May 2011.

Diagram Yan Sun Copyright 2011

There is good reason to believe that two small “pyramid” shapes, as drawn within Sanctuary Phase II on May 30, 2011, were meant to represent another, much larger crop picture which appeared nearby at Hackpen Hill on the same night. Thus each of those two “pyramid” shapes at Sanctuary shows a dot and four straight lines, just as one may see within each of two “cone” shapes at Hackpen Hill with a circle and four curved arcs.

Furthermore, a “pyramid” drawn on the left at Sanctuary shows lines which are only half the width of those drawn on the right, for lines 1, 2 and 3 but not 4 (the lowest). If we look carefully at two “cones” which were drawn at Hackpen Hill (yellow numbers “2” and “3”), we can see that the “cone” drawn on the left likewise contains four curved arcs below a circular dot, which contain only half the areas of normal for arcs 1, 2 and 3 but not 4 (the lowest), when compared to another “cone” drawn on the right (or above)

So we can be fairly sure that two “pyramids” as drawn within Sanctuary Phase II were meant to represent the new Hackpen Hill crop picture, but on a much smaller scale. Why would the crop artists do this? Well, if Hackpen Hill were meant to represent some energetic outburst in space, perhaps the unexpected outburst of a comet, then its smaller version within Sanctuary Phase II could tell where the outburst will take place in Earth’s sky: especially since the rest of that crop picture shows a schematic image of our night sky, with four bright planets currently in alignment during June of 2011.

Red Collie

The farmer on whose land the formation was created isn't very happy about people trespassing on his property and threatens to cut down the formation if anyone is seen entering the formation ! Here's Gary King interviewing the farmer in question, David White !

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Anonymous said...

Mythi told us that this is a relationship between the earth on the center, with the sun on the right, with the moon below, her face lighted turned towards the earth on its gravitational effect of tides and balance and the Dwarf start aka Nibiru coming up with its shock waves hitting the earth on the left. It is a current abstract framework of the current event in our solar system....heres the link on his channel....

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... Thanks for sharing :)

Trea said...

mutch simpler in my eyes:

represends the earth, sun, north star (polar) and moon.

and thats it! so like the most obviose thinks on the the skyline for a humen.
also the moon eclipse this early year could be the point, just from an outa space far far away view.

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