What's a Spirit Walk In ?

One of the best videos you have on the internet about the Walk In experience which some of us might have gone through, while in a state of lot of confusion and chaos with no 'real' answers, just a deep inner knowing of following the signs being shown. There are many truths shared in this video which will confirm a lot of things for you as you watch it, especially if you are a walk-in too ... giving us cues as to how to pave the way forward and what is expected in our near future on Earth.

My walk in / awakening experience happened while dancing at a jungle party in Goa tripping on some LSD. A brief vision of the astral realms made me question reality at large and everything i considered REAL ! The difficult part was to assimilate this metaphysical experience in my world view with little understanding of this all encompassing spiritual reality we share. I am quite sure that these experiences are common with a lot of folks who experiment with psychedelics, however not everyone. I just couldn't go back to being my old self again for some strange reason. After watching this video by Susan I feel all the signs of a walk in experience match with what i experienced at that time. A withdrawal from my social circle ... a feeling of alienation from the rest of the world not being able to fully understand whats really going on ... with so many signs pointing the way. Thankfully, I was following the signs and soon after my blog, 'Psychedelic Adventure' came into being and a purpose emerged. From chasing my individual goals in life now i was flung into the vast abyss of space, trying to figure out the unknown .... bit by bit.

I did have some support from friends however no one could really comprehend what i was going through at that time. By interests changed drastically and gradually became less interested in worldly matters and more curious to expand my knowing of who I am and what's really going on. My purpose became clearer as time progressed with a lot of support from my dear wife who stood by me during this challenging period of life. While i continued to grasp spiritual concepts and ideas quickly, moving on from one thing to another, I became extensively immersed in my quest to know. My partner however couldn't keep up with all the stuff I was getting into. My world view changed drastically from being ego-centric to something deeply spiritual with an inner knowing that this is the path I need to take. My diet, my lifestyle ... all of it went through some sort of metamorphosis as I was gradually assimilating this knowledge being given to me.

I used to spend many hours in complete silence while pursuing my research online on metaphysical knowledge, which made me a different person as time progressed. I became more observant and sensitive to energies and vibrations around me, often having exciting experiences playing with nature spirits or orbs using my digital camera. The illusions of the material world became apparent as time progressed and I became deeply engrossed in my quest for the unknown. Others around me would listen to what I had to say, perhaps understanding somethings intellectually, but never being able to assimilate this knowing in their own lives. I realized not everyone is awake as yet and each one has their own journey to take. I always spoke my truth without any inhibition and the fear of being judged. There were times when I would get into difficult situations getting my perspective across to others often ending up in arguments which is never a pleasant experience. Its draining to say the least. With time I got to know who is receptive to new, challenging ideas shaking the status quo and who is not, which made me hold myself back from going all out.

I lost the connection with many friends and dear ones who were once very close to me, but what I found instead was the real connection, with everything, spiritually speaking. I realized that behind the masks we wear there is an eternal presence which when known, changes how one sees the world. All attachments became increasingly apparent and were brought to my conscious awareness to be healed or let go off. After being with my wife for 10 years and having two beautiful souls being born into our family, I feel grateful for all the experiences life has had to offer. Some magical and uplifting and some unpleasant and dark. Life comes full circle for all of us ... with time. I experienced the pain and suffering of being in a platonic love relationship, realizing that what I believed to be love was just physical attraction, never a deep soulful connection. Although I did try and revive this feeling in my partner trying to make her aware of certain deeper aspects of being together in a relationship and growing together, spiritually. However, in vain. When two people come together, they believe this thing called love will last forever. The only thing we don't realize is that with time people change and sometimes the masks fall off and the truth emerges. When you move towards being genuinely authentic you have little tolerance for false pretenses, FAKE people and become extremely sensitive to lies and bullshit. When we love in a worldly sense, we fall for outer experiences and rarely find a soul connection with our partners and that's because not everyone truly realizes that they are NOT this body but an eternal aspect of universal consciousness. The mistake we make sometimes is trying to direct someones path, especially when they are not ready to walk it anyway. I have been learning my lessons.

My journey the last year has been a continual lesson in letting go off what is not serving me on my path and the difficult part is to let go off your attachments, your desires especially when they are concerning your family and loved ones. Loving someone and simultaneously letting go of a loved one wishing them well can be utterly confusing as we always rely on someone outside of our own selves to complete us in some way, fill a void we create for ourselves by allowing another person to be the reason for our happiness. Not enough love for our self makes us seek love externally. We know somewhere deep down that all that we seek exists within each one of us ... but it takes time for this realization to come forth in our own consciousness. When we love ourselves enough we are able to extend this love to others, unconditionally and we continue to attract like minded individuals into our lives, building stronger relationships with mutual respect and trust in each other. The future of this planet is in our hands. Our own personal transformation affects the world we experience. Once you wake up there is no going back to your old self and your purpose starts to become clearer. We have a lot of work to do, but first we must heal ourselves in order to be able to heal others around us. The healing of Gaia is the need of the hour and as lightworkers we must endeavor to make a difference and be fearless in our actions, living courageously igniting the divine spark within us.

We may be spread far across ... but we know we are one and we choose to live a life of awareness, purposefully and with loving intent. We are one family of light, destined to reunite when this tyrannical empire comes to an end, finally !

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