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The balls of light in pictures taken on digital cameras are more than all just dust, moisture or some unexplained aberration from a dirty or faulty camera lens. Researchers of the paranormal have long known these Orbs to be spiritual energy that exists in unseen dimensions however visible by few people who have the gift of vision into the invisible universe. While most Orbs are white or brighter than most making them appear silver, there are other colored Orbs as well. At Lightworkers.Org i found this wonderful article on Orb Colors ... also on Coastghosts.Com !


Orbs are spherical “lights” or balls of energy, though not visible with the naked eye by most, appear on film or in photographs... Apparent in variable size, most often they appear in shades of white; however, on rare occasions they may take on different colors.... Above is a Collage of Colorful Orbs that appeared at an outdoor trance gathering in Hyderabad, India !

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"Contrary to popular belief orbs, as a paranormal phenomenon, are a relatively new subject to the paranormal community even though their occurrence has drastically increased with the emergence digital technology" says Ken Summers of Ghostmag. com....Summers goes on to say ... "However if one can rule out all possible naturally occurring reasons for a photographic orb (i.e. dust, insects, and moisture), what is left is the common belief that orbs are some form of electrostatic energy, either being part of or an entire spirit entity. This would mean that these objects are in essence globules of energy and/or light particles (in the case of ‘visible’ orbs).....In Summers' article posted on www. ghostmag. com, he goes on to say ... "The only thing that can be safely state{d} is that some photo anomalies are unexplainable and could possibly be paranormal in nature. It can also be safely stated that the appearance of these anomalies having a definite color seems to indicate something unusual is going on......Mr. Summers ... we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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Anonymous said...

what if sum 1 can see silver orbs with the naked eye does it mean something???

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

It means the dimensions are shifting and humans are evolving ... :)

Love All~Ways !

Anonymous said...

im 12 and i randomly took a picture of my sister and there was about 18 orbs in the picture, i cleaned the lens lots of time and took lots more pictures round the house- more white/ silver orbs. only once when i was playin pool with my sister there was a very bright white and a medium BLUE one. my mum is very exited as she thinks its her unorn daughter/gaurdian angel. ALSO if u flash a camera and look where ur taking the picture u will c the orbs with the naked eye when it flashes (btw it only works in the dark) :)

Anonymous said...

i've been teaching Tai'Chi,Chi'Gung,kung fu & meditations etc.for 23 yrs. now.i have experienced golden orbs with my naked eyes.they cling all over me from pin point size to large marble size & zip around my studio.some of my students have witnessed them aswell.i'm the only one that see's them as golden the others see them as white,blue,& we all see silver sparks all the time.,but mostly,i am the only one that see's them when they are around & the others notice nothing.
not sure why they chose me!!!at this point i'm still trying to figure out wether they are seperate from me or but an emenation of myself & the culivating i do. i am all for more info. & reserach on this phenomenon.i have kept journals,& writings,along with art work that directly relate to orbs & the mystical path of a Master/Sifu.
anyone wishing to contact me can do so through my email add., [email protected]

p.s,,,cool site you got goin on here!!!
Sifu/Rob Fergusson

staganator said...

I am 14 and crying my eyes out because I thaught I saw the figure of a tall man next to my bed so I told my self I was just imagining things until i saw a turquoise colourd orb next to my draws. It moved to the side and then charged toward me. I jumped and turned on the light in tears then I went on this sight now to find out what I saw and now I am scared more than ever

Anonymous said...

Don't be frightened.. I have seen "things " since I was 3 years old. I see tall men leaning over my bed..little boys staring at the foot of my bed little girls in the hallway. I also see orbs and white lights. My children also have inherited the trait and see the same things. They never hurt..they are just there either out of curiosity or to comfort and watch over you.. Just smile and say hello..they will probably leave right away... :)

Anonymous said...

I to have seen a turquoise orb very bright, before I went to sleep. I had such a peaceful feeling. They mean no harm my dogs see them more than I. Your animals will let u know if it is good or bad in a house.

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