Huge UFOs Spheres Orbiting Sun NASA Footage

These huge spherical UFO's started appearing around January 18, 2010. They are on both the forward and rear images taken by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft in space. They appear to be moving as they are in different positions on many photos. Remember these are huge possibly at least the size of Earth. Further, if they were planets or some type of huge asteroid comets, they would already have been pulled into the sun by the strong gravity the sun produces as in the case of the recent comet.

Notice also that they are reflecting the suns light just like a metal constructed ship would do.

Our best guess is that these are huge planet sized spacecrafts either observing the sun, or could it be that official UFO disclosure is now happening through these NASA released videos and images. Either way, We await NASA's official explanation. Please help to share this with the world. This could finally be the evidence that NASA can't cover-up or ignore.

Could the recent comets heading into the Sun and now these huge UFO's be the signs spoken of in the bible? Luke Chapter 21 vs 5 - And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.

Dr. Joseph B. Gurman, STEREO Project Scientist's Statement ... : What you're seeing is the difference between "beacon mode" (near realtime, heavily compressed, binned [I believe 512 x 512 or smaller]) images and normal playback telemetry images (2048 x 2048 native mode, less heavily but still lossily compressed).

Normally, we get most of each day covered by the near realtime, beacon mode data through the help of a variety of ground stations around the world (including some operated by radio amateurs).

So we have prompt information when space weather events have originated at the Sun. The full-resolution playback telemetry comes from dedicated periods of downlink ("station contacts") through NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN). A single playback can last hours, and covers data from a day or more stored on one of the two spacecrafts' solid state recorders. Those data are then played back over the Internet to the mission operations center and the STEREO science center, and thence to the instrument teams' home institutions, where they are processed over the course of a day or so. Thus, in normal operations, the full-resolution images will be ~ three days behind real time. Newer images will be the lower-res, more highly compressed beacon mode images, and older images will have been replaced by the full-res, playback data.

On January 18, at ~ 21:47 UT, the "central data recorder" at DSN, that stores all the playback data from all the missions DSN supports, failed. A backup CDR took over, but apparently started working on data from January 10, instead of just the four previous hours, as designed. (The last I heard, the DSN engineers don't understand why, but it certainly sounds like a software issue.) For some reason, DSN is unable to reset a pointer and say, please start processing from this time instead of that time. So we, and all the other missions supported by DSN, are waiting for our playback data from January 18 and all following days. As soon as we get it, and the instrument teams have reformatted the telemetry into scientifically useful formats (that allow, for instance, making SECCHI EUVI data into images), we will post the images and other STEREO browse data in the normal places.

And no, I don't know why DSN designed such an inflexible CDR system. I suspect they may modify it after this experience.


Joe Gurman

(Dr.) Joseph B. Gurman
STEREO Project Scientist

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This is quite simply brilliant evidence for all those who are still looking for some kind of evidential reassurance that we are not the only intelligent ones here on this Planet leave alone the possibilities of life on other planets in other worlds ... :)

We can now expect to see more of UFO Disclosure files and public media information being released on the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrials shedding new light and understanding of the roots of creation itself, knowing our true spiritual unity with the divine !

Namaste Dear Ones !"

Latest Update ... the spheres are still there ... Thank You Dave ... :)

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Ryhen said...

Hey brother, thank you for this information. I've been following your blog for quite a while now. Your stuff is just excellent. I guess we can all expect tons of surprises this 2010 as events become increasingly compressed into shorter and shorter periods of time as what Calleman elaborated in his 9 Underworlds and what McKenna pointed out in his novelty theory. A little bit daunting, I suppose, but I'm sure the transition is all worth it.

Peace and respect,

Jack Sparrow 007 said...

amazing piece of information which i seem to have missed - which is surprising seeing as i administrate 10 ufo and strange phenomena blogs - i thank you for this most important new information - thanks for sharing - i shall domy piece and share the info on my blogs too, as well as giving you a linkback to your site

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Thank you all for being you ... Happy to share ... Namaste :)

♥ Love & Light ☼ ... All Ways ... ツ

Anonymous said...

I have NO idea where to post this BUT I came across a crop circle picture through google, which lead me to this site... I had the SAME image on my house in November as well as a green orb. I cannot help but think it is related. I have an exceptionally gifted child who has shared insight into this phenomenon. Is there a place I can post the picture I have of the image on my house side to side with the pic of the crop circle? The crop circle is called "Lamat, The Mayan Star" Thank you
Jeni Clark

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Namaste Jeni ...

Thank you for sharing ... You could upload the image to or any other free uploading site and share the link with us here or send us a mail @ [email protected] ... looking forward to hearing from you ...

There was a crop circle reported in August 2009 which had the Lamat symbolism ...

Love & Light All Ways ... ((( Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ )))

Anonymous said...

HI there.
I sent you the pics... at the gmail address. I hope you got them and I look forward to your thoughts.
Have a peaceful evening... and funny bec. I always say love and light :)
Jeni Clark~

Dave said...

The spheres are still there. They are visible on the Hinode cameras, too:

Anonymous said...

Is this a new one? To the right?


Cillver said...

great job

Kobylka said...

Here is new video with actual pictures (from March 2010) =>

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... AWESOME ! Thanks for sharing Kobylka ... Namaste :)

samammari said...

Stephen hawking has a theory on this. He states other may use the sun power to travel. Does he know something beyond us!!! I love this site bt the way. Keep it going. I read the explanation from nasa on the orbs at another site...What a crock!!!

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