Pineal Gland DNA Activation 2012 Awakening

Some call it the 3rd eye or the mind's eye, the pineal gland was the last endocrine gland to have it's functions discovered as it is located deep at the center of the brain, almost hidden away like it were a secret from which comes the word secretion, which is what the pineal gland does. It secretes the hormone melatonin which affects our wake / sleep patterns, photoperiodic (seasonal / circadian) functions and also activates the dormant codons in our DNA often referred to as 'Junk DNA'. Melatonin affects our biorhythms and the aging process ...

The Pineal Gland is found to have piezoelectric calcite crystals which act like transmitters or recievers to channel light or information coming through in waves from the centre of the galaxy or any other resonating transdimensional entities. What may seem as an unusual tickling sensation at the frontal lobe is simply the activation of the Ajna Chakra or the Pineal Gland. We are evolving into multi-sensory entities, beginning to see beyond the limiting 5 senses and awakening our 6th sense, the all seeing mind's eye !

The Human Pineal Gland & the shifting human consciousness ....

Dr.Rick Strassman On The Pineal Gland in the Documentary DMT - The Spirit Molecule ....

Time to empower the spirit and connect with the Oneness in all creation !

The human brain also produces DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) a naturally occurring tryptamine and potent psychedelic, found also in most plants ... Dr. Rick Strassman wrote a book called "DMT - The Spirit Molecule" which describes the effects of DMT and how it is closely related to human neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin affecting primarily our dream state. DMT creates a dream state which is like slipping into a different realm(s), other parallel realities ...

DNA Activation Pineal Gland Videos On YouTube

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  1. wow somethings recently compelled me to start looking into this sort of thing and ive started blogging about it as a way to document everything. This is a great resource, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who finds all this compelling.

  2. These videos invite readers of your site to open to increasing possibilities. I encourage people to refer to these articles during their journey:

  3. ... Thanks for sharing Liara ... Awesome Work :)

  4. Hello :)

    For the last four years my sleep pattern has been different from the "norm". I go to bed right before dawn and sometimes after sunrise and sleep all morning and early afternoon.

    Does this sleep pattern age you faster?

    1. Anonymous18.5.12

      Same here!
      And more time goes by it's worse and worse.
      I remember few years ago it would be
      maybe once a week that I couldn't sleep at all at night,
      I would go to bed in morning, sleep a few hours, then the sleep
      pattern would go to normal again.
      Nowadays it is every single night almost!
      It's driving me crazy because I'm a student and have to
      work during the day, and can't do no work at night since
      I'm playing piano and I can't play at night.
      2012 sure is weird!

    2. Anonymous28.9.12

      due to the planets lining up,it is called flux density , a geomagnetic anomaly thicking on the sidereal time, affecting our circadian rhythms, and because each cell of our blood has 4 ferrous particles, we too get lined up into the collective consciousness. And we wake up..this happened to the Mayans and they thought it was weird too, so they made a calander to let you know..then because it went on for too long it seemed unnatural. they thought it a curse did sacrifices trying to stop it see problem is..negative thoughts are also kinetic energy but that hurts ur .. they got scared of it..too. Just accept it it is the tau...the way of nature, and watch the earth re dress she has done this before.

  5. ... Namaste :)

    The sleep pattern you mentioned sounds like one that of someone working at an offshore call center like the ones in the Asian sub-continent ! Not sure as to how it affects human health ... but i feel our body's natural clock kinda works in sync with the day and light cycles ... the body is also pretty amazing in adjusting or adapting to change ... :)

  6. Anonymous2.5.11

    this info is wonderful...i was unaware of pineal gland until i was diagnosed with a cyst (found in an mri)in january.
    i am curious about how this affects my spiritual abilities and how i might work with this. thanks

  7. Dr. jaipal garg20.5.11

    hello. very 2 thanks for such valuable information regarding penial gland ,ufo etc.i m a physician at shimla, but a keen reader and researcher for such topics and i would like to tell you that our vedic period was very rich in all respects as you have already mentioned.once again very 2 thanks for such information. DR. JAIPAL GARG. AYUR. MEDICAL OFFICER. AY. HEALTH CENTER, TIKKARI, ROHRU, SHIMLA,H.P,INDIA

  8. thank you so much for sharing this material. please visit my blog, and bring your experiences to the table. thank you.

  9. We air this information on our counter culture TV Show With MAPS and other information on self realization. Turn On Tune In Spread the Love

    peaceout Orange Sunshine

  10. Anonymous22.6.11

    My wife was diagnosed with a massive cyst on her Pineal Gland. Her quality of life has shut down completely since. She has seen things that have happened in the future although this scares her and she thinks she is going crazy. I have been attending a Spiritual Church but they do not tell me what this is and why things are happening to us. I think they want us to work it out for ourselves. I take a lot of pain killers for a bad back injury from years ago and I know I am addicted to them now and maybe this why they do not speak to us. Also my wifes uncle was diagnosed with cancer the same day she was diagnosed with the cyst. One Medium has told us that that the uncle is taking energy from my wife through her Pineal Gland. He had a massive tumor removed and was out of hospital in two days and back running his pub in a week. He has no other signs of illness and he has never had chemotherapy!! Has anyone ever heard of the Pineal Gland being used in this way?? My wifes Great Uncle is deeply involved in the Occult and I KNOW it is him that has arranged all of this. I have been told by another healer that We need a really strong willed Healer to deal with this Psychic Attack......The Author and Film Maker Philip Gardiner wrote a book called "The Shining Ones" and in it it says in chapter 2 that autopsies done on Psychics and Mediums have always revealed a clear fluid-filled sac attached to the Pineal Gland.....We have been lied to all our lives but I intend to get to the bottom of this somehow and I would really appreciate any help no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.......Thanks for listening and good luck to anyone suffering with a Pineal Gland Cyst....P.S. My wifes Cyst measures 1.9cm*1.7cm*1.5cm and the World Health Organization state that anything over .5cm is conside3red massive and extremely rare; yet there seem to be a lot of people registering with very large Cysts at the present time......I wonder WHY lol......

    1. In the last few years I have been awakened to my healing gift. I dont care who thinks I'm crazy anymore, I know its real and more people have experienced this in the last year than I thought possible. Someone who can heal themselves is a very amazing gift but also comes with terrible consequences if that person doesn't give back. To heal your wife would require someone to put themselves into a critical state. What you need is a medicine elder. Or a shaman of sorts, but be careful who you trust, we are all human and it takes someone who has mastered healing with a very solid "aura" to do something so tedious. I have been at it for 3 years and I'm just understanding bone healing.

    2. I was diagnosed with Central Nervous System Chronic Lyme Disease last year and was having a lot of weird spiritual/mystical experiences and after doing some research, I suspected I had a pineal cyst....I was wondering if you would be willing to share what some of your wife's symptoms were? Also, I have some suggestions for can contact me at

  11. ...

  12. ... @ Anonymous ~ You don't quite specify how the Pineal Cyst has affected your wife ... Just googled and found out that Pineal Cysts are benign in nature and pose no threat ! If you have any links that support what you say please do share with us ...

    Know, All is Well ~ Namaste :)

  13. Anonymous23.6.11

    I noticed a few years ago that I felt time was speeding up. I started checking it out on the internet about a year ago and found that the earth is in a time spiral. After talking to other people, they also feel that something is different, everyone feels that there are not enough hours in the day. I thought I was going nuts... If you look at the earth and all the things that have to happen to support life on the planet you will realize that there is a higher power.

  14. Anonymous12.7.11

    I wanted to know people's thoughts on this. In my early 20s, I was really into meditation. I had amazing experiences while meditation. My body would be filled with vibrations, I would see geometric patterns while meditating, and I even had an amazing experience with self-healing. One day, it all just stopped. Now I am 36 years old and I am desperately trying to reclaim these experiences, but I have had no luck. Any suggestions?

  15. Anonymous12.8.11

    Hi, pls do not get disappointed. it may take a while But will start after enough regular meditation practice FOR SURE(do not carry discouraging/negative feelings as they will only delay the experiences).
    Do not get fixed to expect same past experiences to be repeated now as consciousness constantly grows. So new experinces may be unique too.

  16. Anonymous28.9.11

    Wow, I am fairly new to this but I really like it, it seems I have finally found some answers, I really like this site and I will book mark it. I have also recently been learning about the secrets of water and am really amazed at what I am finding. I have changed my views totally on water and have been fluoride free and drinking ionized, blessed water. I can really notice a difference. I'm sure you already know about this but I thought I'd share anyway. If you haven't tried this it is a must, I am working very hard at being toxic free and I can say it is making a huge difference in my levels of concentration. This has made my meditations so much more productive. Here are a couple of videos I found. Just thought I'd share.

  17. Anonymous28.9.11

    @ anonymous 12.7.11 I believe your pineal gland could very well be calcified. Do you ingest fluoride via drinking water or toothpaste, table salt, various food products? Fluoride is known to calcify the pineal gland. It is so important to become toxic free, mercury, aluminum, fluoride, lead. All very bad stuff. I believe the calcification can be reversed, some say it can not but I disagree. I am 43 years old and now toxic free and I really feel I am waking up, I just can't explain how much clearer I see things now. Hope it helps. I posted a link in an earlier post to some educational videos I found on the subject, check em out.

  18. Yes, keeping your body free of any toxins is one of many first steps towards a successfull acitvation of the pineal gland.

  19. So if my pineal gland were removed for some reason - or if I were born without it - am I born with no spiritual connection? I'm not going to accept that my entire spiritual existence in this body must rely on an imperfect, breakable component. I feel everyone should have equal access to their Higher Selves and it's just cruelly wrong to think some could never do this simply because of a brain defect. Care to elucidate?

  20. Anonymous8.12.11

    well that is just a matter of evolution. You must accept it no different than a blind man must accept his entire visual experience is gone because of a broken component. That is life. All we can do is play the cards we are dealt and try to do the best in mind, body, and spirit. If the pineal gland were removed, any furthur spiritual existence would be from the heart. But spiritual connection would only then happen in the imagination.

  21. Anonymous13.12.11

    Can chemicals (food, water, air, medicines) and electric bombardment interfere? My daughter has dreams of future happenings that center on her life only. What might help her develop these gifts? Help her to understand them? Do you feel these "types" will be able to withstand the upcoming changes that some foretell?

  22. Elaine14.2.12

    Yes Anonymous (12/12/11)! chemicals CAN interfere with the pineal gland. Beware the ravages of fluoride which causes the pineal gland to calcify- and go hard and (presumably) lose function. Alzheimers sufferers are shown to have a calcified pineal gland. Mass medication using hazardous substances aka pesticides (sodium fluoride) is a dubious practice which must be challenged.

  23. Anonymous9.4.12

    I always drink tap water. Which has fluoride in it... I eat a lot of fish which has mercury in it. And I still go to bed and have extremely vivid dreams. Amongst other strange encounters. I don't think the pineal gland completely shuts down from toxins like these. And for those of you trying to activate I highly doubt this will stop you. Not to say that you should not cut these out anyway. Because they are overall not healthy for your physical body. I just believe that someones consciousness can be more powerful than anything in this physical realm. If you truly believe in something and you will it strongly enough you will achieve it. Your pineal gland can be opened if you will it. Relieving you of these toxins will only help that ability be easier. The biggest thing you should work on is your karma.. all the negative energy inside yourself try and replace it with good energy. Try and expand positive energies and your spirituality. I recommend listening to music with 528 frequency. Search it on youtube it's extremely relaxing and helps you meditate. Its claimed to be the frequency of Love. That being said I still feel even I have a lot of evolving to do.

  24. Cool article but there are some points that have no solid eveidence behind them. Here is a more grounded article:

  25. Anonymous31.10.12

    I had a near death experience and afterward knew right away that DMT was heavily involved in what I experienced as death and after life. You're definitely confronted with your shadow self at death and it's quite disturbing that's now I regularly do shadow work, I don't want any surprises when I die again!

  26. Wholeness,

    Something massive is going on with this group. They are talking about activating dormant abilities utilizing ancient and advanced methods. Let me know what you think, the site has an immense level of resources alone.


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