Eat The Sun : A Documentary On Sungazing

Eat The Sun is a feature length documentary that focuses on a young man’s journey into the little known world of sungazing, an ancient practice of looking directly at the sun for long periods of time.

San Francisco, CA 2004: A flyer at school advertising a lecture by an elderly Indian gentleman sparks the imagination of a young man named Mason. The flyer reads: “You can become solar powered.” It also states that the Indian man giving the lecture, who goes by the acronym HRM (Hira Ratan Manek), has not eaten in over 8 years, a direct result of sungazing.

Intrigued, Mason begins this simple practice along with a few other classmates. Everyday, in accordance with HRM’s protocol, they stand barefooted on the bare earth looking directly into the sun and every day they add 10 seconds to their sungazing time. The goal, according to HRM, is to reach 44 consecutive minutes of looking directly at the sun ... which could take 9 to 12 months to achieve ... at which time one would be “fully charged”, meaning not only cured of all mental and physical ailments but also now without the desire or need to eat food.

In many ancient civilizations, from the Incas and Aztecs to the Greeks and Egyptians - this practice was exclusive to only the high priests and forbidden for ‘ordinary’ people. Today, with the help of the Internet, this revived practice is gathering global momentum.

Modern day sungazers claim a multitude of health benefits including better eyesight, enhanced vitality, weight loss and, in some more profound cases, a complete loss of the desire and need to eat food. The main theory of how this is possible focuses on the stimulation of the pineal gland from direct sunlight entering the brain via the eye – the only external expression of the brain - and traveling along the retinal-hypothalamic tract. (The pineal, once believed to have no function, is now considered a master gland, controlling the secretion of melatonin and serotonin). Brain scans of HRM, age 70, reveal a pineal gland 3 times the size of a normal man, despite his advanced age when the pineal tends to shrink. (Additionally, HRM was part of a 411-day medical study during which time he did not eat).

Mason soon discovers that this journey is going to be a lonely one, as society seems to revolve around food; family gatherings, social functions and dating all center on eating. But as his sungazing time increases so do the positive effects. As a former Olympic hopeful in ski jumping and cross-country skiing, Mason has experienced both physical and mental strengthening and he finds that sungazing is far more potent than anything he has felt before. On the downside, he is alienating himself from society; his girlfriend breaks up with him because of his obsession with sungazing, and others, including his family, are put off by his new zealousness.

When Mason approaches 40 minutes of sungazing his desire to eat fades. His conflicts are socially and culturally driven and counter to what he is actually feeling. The only reason he eats anything at all is because of social expectations and some self-doubt. Can this really be happening? Is it possible?

Mason’s loneliness and curiosity fuel his desire to meet other people who look at the sun - other than a 70 year old Indian man - in hopes that they can share their stories and experiences so he can better understand this phenomena. Eat The Sun follows Mason on a cross country tour that links him with a variety of colorful sungazers: a Hollywood lawyer, a practicing Mormon with 5 kids, a religious group that believes Jesus was a sungazer and even a sungazing ophthalmologist, some of whom have been sungazing for over 20 years. Interspersed with Mason’s journey are interviews with scientists and doctors.

Mason’s confusion builds as he navigates through this subculture of sungazing. His story culminates in his final decision to continue and finish HRM’s 44 minute protocol. Will Mason succeed? What will happen when he reaches 44 minutes of staring directly into the sun? Has HRM been truthful? Is it really possible to live without eating?

Eat The Sun is the story of one man’s struggle to uncover the truth and, ultimately, reveals the power of the mind.

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Anonymous said...

how does this not burn your retinas?

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... you start with a few seconds and during the early hours when the sun rises or in the evening just before the sun sets ... Sungazing : The Magical Power Of Solar Healing ...

Namaste :)


333.Truth said...

WOW! The Great Shift is HERE. NOW.

Beautiful Information. Risky and daring, but realy beautiful.

Levinson Axelrod said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the book. It is an intriguing subject.

Anonymous said...

HI again!
I have a DEEP connection with the sun, always have! I have a sun tatoo'd to my hip and am getting another one soon! I NEED the sun like people need water and air. I have never heard this before and it honestly made me cry. That is SO ME! I have a deep connection with Egypt and Greece too and maybe this is part of the puzzle. I cannot wait to explore more in this area. THANKS SO MUCH for posting!!!!

Anonymous said...

How do we get your movie?, I want to buy copies of it.

Anonymous said...

Leah on Preparing for Earth Changes
Received by Sal Rachele
December 6, 2005

Greetings, beloveds! Leah here with some words on a topic almost all of you have been thinking about lately.

First of all, I believe it is safe to assume that all of you reading this have noticed that your world is going through accelerating changes. Can we all agree on that? Does anybody need any more convincing? Your weather forecasters are now using letters of the Greek alphabet to name their hurricanes and tropical storms. There have been so many this year that they are already to Epsilon. Oh my! Anyone still think it is business as usual on planet Earth?

Good. Then we can proceed. This channel and many others have given general and specific guidance on this topic in the past and I certainly do not wish to repeat what has already been given. However, a certain amount of summary is needed.

First of all, due to free will, the future is not fixed; it is not set in stone. There are certain events that are beyond your free will influence, such as the movement of celestial bodies, but even that is subject somewhat to variations depending on free will. For example, beloveds, you can change the trajectory of a comet or asteroid if enough of you concentrate your thoughts on that heavenly body. As you evolve and grow in awareness on planet Earth, you are given greater power and ability to influence these things. Many of us in the sixth dimension and higher are capable of rather significant influence in these matters. For most of you, that power and ability is limited to making wise choices as to where you will be and what you will be doing when a major cataclysmic event occurs on your planet.

There are certain events that are very likely to occur because a great number of souls on your world are busily creating them. As you have noticed, death and destruction is immensely popular on your world. A lot of people believe in them, and belief creates reality in the first four dimensions of existence. If you are tired of seeing death and destruction on your planet, the first step is to stop believing in them.

“But, Leah, everyone dies. How can I not believe in death?”

Dear one, I guess it depends on what you mean by death. If death is an ending of one form and the beginning of a new form, then I suppose death will always be a part of life. Yet the type of death you see in your world, involving disease, aging, war, suffering, deterioration of the body, etc., need not be. This type of death is a negation of the life force. It is a negation of God. It is a function of free will – you have the free will to oppose life and experience a wasting away you call death. The death of the body is not the real problem here. You can always reincarnate and start afresh with a new body. The problem here, beloveds, is in your mind.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how many programs on your television and movie screen are obsessed with killing and violence? Why do you suppose this is, beloveds? There are a number of reasons, which we will not go into at this time, but the first step is to release your fascination with death and disaster, doom and gloom, Apocalypse and Armegeddon. Do not give power to these beliefs any longer. Sure, some of you will not listen to my advice and will immerse yourself in those “realities.” But for those of you who truly want peace, let go of the fear, let go of the fascination, let go of the morbid obsession.

Change is inevitable. Your world will continue to change, and the changes will accelerate. Some of you will get guidance to store water, food and energy. If the guidance comes through lovingly and without fear, then go ahead and follow it. Honor yourselves for taking care of your physical temple. But do not store so-called “necessities” out of fear. That fear will attract the very thing you are trying to protect yourself from.

Some of you are worried that others will “take” what you have stockpiled or hidden. If that is the case, you may be right. Fear of others is a form of separation. That is what got you into this mess in the first place, and now you are merely perpetuating the problem.

Your ability to be safe, secure and happy during the Earth changes will depend on your ability to cooperate and come together with your fellow human beings. We have stated many times that the new civilization rising from the ashes of the old will consist of enlightened, self-sufficient spiritual communities of light. These communities will not just happen – you will create them if you choose to remain on this planet after the end of the Grand Cycle. Some of the steps to manifesting these communities will be challenging. Some steps will take years to complete. There will be a transition period in which your outer systems of government and economics will likely not exist in a useable form. It will be up to you to cooperate with others to ensure everyone has what they need in order to sustain their bodies.

You will receive much help from those of us in the higher realms. We will guide you, give you ideas and energy, point out the pitfalls, and get you to reconsider choices that are unwise. Unwise choices are those that do not uplift you or your fellow human beings. They are choices born of fear and not love.

Diana Parker said...

Thank you for posting about our documentary film, Eat The Sun. We're getting ready for a broadcast premiere late Spring. If you're interested, check out our trailer and sign up for email announcements about the DVD and iTunes.

dragonsheadnorth said...

I have been sun-gazing over 11 years and resonate with this story.

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